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Political GCE: A Parent Cries Out-I’m Sorry Southern Cameroons









A concerned parent writes to BaretaNews from Kumba.

Hello Mark Bareta.

Thank God you finally accepted my message request. I have been trying to get to you since the release of the political GCE. Please I want to apologise first for disobeying you and Tapang calls for GCE boycott. I had three of my Children took the exams. I thought it will be better.

Mark, a clear look at this partial results will show you how rubbish the GCE has become. I am sorry to say so now. Please my son just understand me. The results gave a big blow to the mission schools. Two of my children wrote in a mission school. I was hoping they will do better. None of them were spared

Mark am so bitter. I feel ashamed my son. I am now confident that even the result as bad as it is now probably saw terrible moderation less it could have been worst than this worst results now.

I am afraid, the effect is that the University of Buea will have to bring down their own criteria in order to admit less no one can get to the university this year. Two of my kids who wrote the advance level had terrible grades and UB is out of the question unless the University brings down its standards. I am still waiting the ordinary Level for the last girl but I have no hope.

Please Mark, can you and Ivo pushed so that the GCE results now released be cancelled so that every one goes back to the class as they were in November 2016 whenever schools resumes?OMG I feel terrible asking this. Is this even possible Mark?hmmmmmm no me ohhhhhhh Cameroon. Well Mark I have made by decision,my kids are repeating. I cannot sincerely allow them have such results because it will affect them in future openings.

Marko, I hear even English schools in Francophone Cameroon were not spared. Hmmmm

Thank you Mark Bareta. Keep up we are behind you.

Sister Evelyn.

My Comment : As far as I am concerned political GCE remains political. Certificates are useless everywhere except in La Republique. The struggle continues. Active Resistance begins August 21st.

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