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Penal Code Revision: I Cannot in Good Conscience Vote this Law – Joshua Osih



Penal Code Revision: I Cannot in Good Conscience Vote this Law - Joshua Osih

Joshua Osih has briefly elaborated why he will not be voting the current penal code revision taking place in Yaounde. The MP had in a detailed communique x-ray the penal code revision and highlighted some international conventions which Cameroon is party to and must uphold. To Osih , the current state of the law does not deserve his support and that of his party. He had the following statement posted on his Facebook page today, June 22nd, 2016.

PENAL CODE REVISION: ( English Version)

Because my attachment to human and republican values cannot afford to remain silent facing several unconstitutional provisions that are in debate for adoption currently in Yaoundé,

Because the immunity of Ministers (Article 127) is contrary to good governance and transparency of public finances,

Believes imprisoning citizens because they have two months of unpaid rent (Article 322) is a dispute that can be resolved by civil remedies instead of inserting drastic sanctions in our criminal code;

Because several provisions are contrary to our international commitments;

Because the death penalty (ART 18) is contrary to all our commitments and our humanity,

I cannot afford in the state to vote this law on the penal code currently under debate.

It will take a change in diet to bring Cameroon in modernity.

For best Cameroon,

Hon. Joshua Nambangi OSIH


REVISION CODE PENAL: ( French Version)

Parce que mon attachement aux valeurs humaines et républicaines ne peut me permettre de rester muet face à plusieurs dispositions inconstitutionnelles qui sont en débat pour adoption en ce moment à Yaoundé,

Parce que l’immunité des ministres ( Article 127) est contraire à la bonne gouvernance et à la transparence des finances publiques ,
Parce qu’emprisonner des citoyens parce qu’ils ont deux mois de loyer impayés (art 322) est un litige qui peut se régler par des voies civiles au lieu d’insérer des sanctions drastiques dans notre code pénal;

Parce que plusieurs dispositions sont contraire à nos engagements internationaux;
Parce que la peine de mort (ART 18) est contraire à tous nos engagements et notre humanité,
je ne peux me permettre en l’état de voter cette loi portant code pénal présentement en débat.
Il faudra un changement de régime pour faire entrer le Cameroun dans la modernité.

Pour un Cameroun meilleur,
Hon. Joshua Nambangi OSIH

BaretaNews Statement:

We want to thank Hon Joshua Osih for communicating with the Cameroons people through his Facebook posts. We think that this is a good step to commune with the people. Though revision of the 50 years penal code is good, some provisions are bad and not good to modernity. It instead put the Cameroons people in a difficult position instead to enhance them and make them responsible citizens. The translation of the Penal code from French to English is very poor with somewhat different meanings. The Presidents of the Bar Council and General Assembly have both called on the government to withdraw this law currently in Parliament. The law was poorly drawn without any consultation with various stakeholders. BaretaNews do not know how the SDF, a minority in Parliament can move on to stop or halt this law. Hence, from every indication and majority of CPDM MPs in both houses of the National Assembly, it goes without saying that the hand clappers shall vote the penal code into law.


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