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Peace Commission: Political Hypocrites Or Genuine Actions ?



Political Hypocrites Or Genuine Actions ?

BaretaNews is getting information that a group of individuals, including Cameroun MPs, medical doctors, journalist, opinion leaders, civil society activists, lawyers and the clergy have come together to form what is called the North West /South West Peace Commission. We hear their agenda is to end the war. The commission we are told is made up only of members from the so called North West and South West regions. It is headed by Hon. Enew Francis Abi (picture attached), CPDM MP for Momo West. Now let me say this

1. The first failure of the commission is to put a CPDM MP to be the head. CPDM is banned in Southern Cameroons and they have lost all legitimacy in the eyes of the people. These are individuals who till date have not had the courage to condemn Cameroun actions. These are individuals who sit and watch how their villages are being razed, individuals maimed and killed. These are individuals who sat in Parliament and mocked the little gestures the SDF party was trying to create. These are individuals, though claiming to be representative of the people have all sat and watched their people die without offering a word. How do they think they can help in bringing peace. It is evident it is one of those commission to milk Cameroun of more money and swell their pockets in the name of peace

2. The fact that they deliberately used the phrase “North West and South West Peace Commission” not even “Anglophone Peace Commission” already exposes their hidden agenda which is decentralization. It shows them as Biya mechanization in place to finally crush the last vestiges of the people of Southern Cameroons. The catch use of the phrase even makes it worse and signals that they are afraid to even use the word “Anglophone”. It already tells us where their minds are.

3. Why will these individuals not form a commission called Justice and Peace Commission. Who told them that there can ever be peace without justice. Aren’t they aware that a just society is a peaceful one? That the people of Southern Cameroons have suffered enough and they need justice in order to have a peaceful environment. Who tells them that preaching peace will end the arm conflict?

While we are still waiting to see the full members of the commission and their modus operandi, let them be aware that enough blood has been spilled and our people are in deep pain. We shall be observing them, following them up, check their neutrality. They must understand the aspirations of the people of the Former British Southern Cameroons and give them the opportunity to choose their future. Any premature moves from any one in the said commission by omission or commission meant to tarnish, blame, derail the aspirations of the people of the former British Southern Cameroons shall be met with hard RESISTANCE

Mark Bareta

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