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Paul Biya Should Be Charged For Crimes Against Humanity – Djang Denis



Paul Biya Should Be Charged For Crimes Against Humanity – Djang Denis

By Mbah Godlove

The President of People’s Action Party (PAP), Djang Denis says the colonial President of La Republique du Cameroun should be punished for his genocidal atrocities in Ambazonia.

In an interview with Equinox Television on Friday November 15, the young opposition leader said President Paul Biya should be charged for crimes against humanity.

He emphasied that God exposed President Biya’s evil plan during a peace summit convened by French President, Emmanuel Macron in Paris-France.

According to the PAP President, dictator Biya unconsciously leaked his plan of completely wiping out the identity of the people of Southern Cameroons.

Djang Denis also intimated that convening local elections without resolving what he emphatically described as a genocide only confirms Biya’s determination to erase all that Ambazonia possesses.

The dynamic and outspoken politician unequivocally stated that the idea of a special status which the colonial regime is pretentiously willing to grant Ambazonia is of no significance.

Like other activists, he enjoined President Biya to unconditionally release Sisiku Ayuktabe and co for a meaningful dialogue to take place. This, according to him, will put an end the three year-old war which has resulted to over 15.000 deaths.

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