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Patrick Ekeng: Doctor charged with manslaughter



BaretaNews is getting information that the Romanian public prosecutor has charged emergency doctor Elena Duta with the manslaughter of former Cameroon midfielder Patrick Ekeng. Ekeng was just 26. He collapsed during a league match for Dinamo Bucharest in May and later on died

The prosecutor revealed that the emergency medical specialist in the ambulance which took Ekeng to the hospital made no attempt to resuscitate the player. Hospital staff were also unable to resuscitate him on his arrival.



The autopsy indicated the player suffered from multiple serious heart problems. However, the Bucharest prosecutor argued that “Even if among Patrick Ekeng’s causes of death were the cardiac problems he suffered from, by her unjustified inaction Elena Duta removed any chance of survival.She did not evaluate the footballer’s state of health and made no attempt at resuscitation.”

The prosecutor’s office quoted forensic scientists as saying 95% of people with similar heart problems survive cardiac arrest if defibrillation is administered within 60 seconds. “The chances of survival drop by 5.5% with every minute,” prosecutors said.

Ekeng who fell to the floor in the 70th minute of a televised Romanian league match between Dinamo and Viitorul died 2 hours later in the hospital

BaretaNews is happy with this move. This is what we call functional democracy when things happened and doctors, nurses, and/or any other person with a defined job responsibility bears the consequences of his/her actions. That way, everyone is cautious and not negligible of their job. The situation in the Cameroons and most African countries is shamefully different.

God is still saying something.

Source: BBC

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