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Pastor cum Limbe government delegate gains freedom after paying 160 million



Samuel Lifanda Ebiama, Pastor and former Government Delegate for Limbe City Council has regained his freedom from Kondengui Maximum Prison after spending eleven months. He was jailed for allegedly embezzling and mismanaging the sum of FCFA 160 million while he served as Gov’t Delegate.

Mr Casimir Nyime Lyonga, former Technical Chief of Urban Affairs; and Priso Simon Mokosa, former Chief of Service for Urbanism at the Limbe City Council all accused of mismanaging the sum of FCFA 20 million and FCFA 2.5 million respectively were also released.

It should be recalled these trio were summoned to appear at the Special Criminal Court, Yaoundé on June 9 and 10, 2015 by Justice Wo’Minko Blaise who sent them to Kondengui prison for six months to await trial.

Rev. Lifanda who earlier denied embezzling and mismanaging Council funds finally decided to pay the amount he was accused of, the only condition in which he would be released or face a jail term. The same was true for Casimir Nyime and Simon Mokosa.

Thus on May 27, 2016, the court after seeing their proofs of payment released them. They are all free people. After their release, anxious family members and citizens from Limbe were seen at his home jubilating.

BaretaNews notes that, it is shocking that a man of God in white clock cum Government Delegate could embezzled such amount of money. However, it is good to know the amount has been recovered. BaretaNews hopes the recovered money is put into great use free of corruption.

God is still saying something.

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