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Pandemonium in Kumba as Two dies of Food Poisoning



Pandemonium in Kumba as Two dies of Food Poisoning

By Mbah Godlove.

Fear and consternation have characterized the atmosphere of Kumba, Meme County of the Southern Zone where two children died after consuming porridge Irish potatoes.

The incident BN has learned, occurred in a neighborhood known as Kosala on Tuesday, July 28, 2020.

That faithful Tuesday, four-year-old Kibem Christopher and his younger man, Becabery both died shortly after consuming the food that was reportedly prepared by their grandmother.

It remains unclear if any poisonous substance had been included in the meal which equally left the eldest girl of the household hospitalized.

When it was realized that Christ and Bery were in pain, they were rushed to a nearby pastor whose prayers, unfortunately, couldn’t resuscitate the victims.

Their corpses were immediately conveyed to the Kumba general hospital for an autopsy.

Meantime, the population of the locality has been grieving following the death of the two kids.

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