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Pandemonium Ensues In Bafut After Colonial Soldiers’ Invasion



Pandemonium Ensues In Bafut After Colonial Soldiers’ Invasion

By Mbah Godlove

There has been an atmosphere of uncertainty in Bafut after dozens of colonial soldiers raided the area.

BaretaNews sources in the local government area revealed that 6 heavily loaded armored vehicles were driven into Bufut, Tuesday May 24.

Village after village, BaretaNews learned, the French Cameroun soldiers have been carrying out wanton arrests, reportedly getting hold of three restoration fighters.

“One was shot and killed on the spot, while the other two are used to expose Ambazonian Fighters,” a source stated.

General Tiger who was reportedly sanctioned owing to unruly behaviour, is however mapping out strategies to contain the situation.

BaretaNews understands he has been in talks with fellow Commanders in Bafut to harsh a counter plan against the forces of occupation whose barbarism on the people is far from ending.

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