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Oxford University International Intellectuals make staggering revelations in “We Remain Their Slaves.”



International Intellectuals make staggering revelations in “We Remain Their Slaves.”

By Mbah Godlove

Four leading international researchers have submitted an 89-page document at the UK Parliament on the ongoing deadly armed conflict in Southern Cameroons.

Under the banner of Cameroon Conflict Research Group, the four academicians in the Faculty of Law, University of Oxford, headed by Roxana Willis, in their three chapters master piece enlightened the UK Parliament on some key issues about the Ambazonia war of independence.

The Oxford University based researchers in their presentation regretted the fact that Ambazonians have been abandoned to themselves, and the fact that human right abuses have been on the rise since the inception of the conflict nearly four years ago

“The international community must not abandon us – human right here [Ambazonia] will be wiped out. It’s urgent, it’s getting worse,” their findings revealed.

The intellectuals intimated that political, economic and social expectations from the Francophone dominated Government of French Cameroun for several years made the conflict inevitable.

To the researchers, peace is paramount.

“Our research participants universally need peace. Whether that is sought through independence, federation, any other form of negotiation,” they concluded.

The Ambazonian conflict broke out in 2016 when the minority anglophones began demanding outright independence as a cine qua non to lay to rest the slave treatment given to them by French Cameroun who offten called Ambazonians as “rats and dogs”. Over 15 thousand Ambazonians have now been killed as a result of the conflict.

Read details of the report here file:///C:/Users/SCS%20LTD/Downloads/Final%20-%20We%20Remain%20Their%20Slaves%20(1).pdf

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