Over 360 Detainees Carted Out Of Kondengui Prison After Protest



By Andrew Nsoseka & Njodzeka Danhatu

Some detainees, mostly Anglophones, imprisoned at the Yaoundé maximum security prison in relation to the Anglophone crisis, have reportedly been taken out of the prison after a day-long protest that turned violent, extending late into the night of July 22.

Atlantic Chronicles has reliably been informed that over 360 detainees have not been accounted for, by their mates after the military took control, and subdued the protesters.

Our source has debunked earlier claims that some inmates were killed.  Our source rather stated that many have been taken out to undisclosed locations, probably Black sites.

Some inmates were reportedly injured during the clampdown.

The reported injuries are the aftermath of a large protest organized by the detainees who were demanding for their immediate liberation, an end to the war in Anglophone Cameroon, and dialogue to address root causes of the problem. Some also complained of discriminatory practices against them (Anglophone detainees) by the prison administration. Others rather asked to be transferred to Buea or Bamenda prisons, where they can speak the language and eat the food.

In videos circulated online, the inmates were seen in large numbers calling for external support from the likes of the US, to help them.

The protesters also sang the Ambazonian anthem and carried blue and white materials signifying the Amba flag used by pro-independence fighters and activists.


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