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Outrage In Bamenda Over Declaration Of Technical State Of Emergency



Outrage In Bamenda Over Declaration Of Technical State Of Emergency

By Mbah Godlove.

There has been continuous uproar amongst Ambazonians in Bamenda owing to what they call an indirect State Of Emergency declared by French Cameroun Military leaders.

Earlier on Tuesday September 8, colonial Military commanders in the Northern Zone’s Chief City, revealed in a communique that they were embarking on an ” Operation Clean Bamenda” to protect the population and their property against “Terrorists Gangs”.

In the release which had over three signatures, the Colonial Military leaders entreated locals to be careful and to collaborate with Uniformed officers to ensure the success of the mission.

Over 24hours after the decision to clean Bamenda, some civilians have described the move as the declaration of a State Of Emergency in the City.

They called on Pro-independence fighters to be on their guard and to infringe on the forces of occupation as much pains as possible so they can be forced out of their territory, Ambazonia.

“What Bamenda is witnessing is nothing but a State Of Emergency. Action must be taken by Amba fighters to safeguard us and our property ,” a resident said.

Earlier on Monday this week, the Colonial City Mayor prohibited the circulation of commercial motor bikes in some major areas of Bamenda.

Less than a Day after the said ban, the population was entreated to give directives which would oversee the “Operation Clean Bamenda”. alive.

It is on this basis that Ambazonia fighters are challenged to be more rigorous in their approach to clamp down La Republic du Cameroun forces.

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