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ORGASM: An Expert Analysis




On Saturday, 2nd July 2016, BaretaNews brought the issue of most women faking orgasm . It received tremendous amounts of reactions. Some were very funny but a host were very educative. It is our believe that most people have learnt from it. Now, BaretaNews brings to you an analysis which concludes the debate. Neville Tamanjong, an artist, actor and somewhat ‘sexologist’ analysed and concludes the debate. He wrote:

95% of couples, married or unmarried have very little idea of what sex is all about. The few who managed to enjoy at it just find themselves lucky to either meet a man who shoot well enough or a woman whose orgasm is not complicated. Truth is, sex should not just be a mutual understanding. God made sex and he made for humans to enjoy every bit of it and feel like heaven. Just like we struggle to make other aspects of our relationship work, like taking care of our partners’ needs, sex should not be left to take care of itself.

A woman shouldn’t fake orgasm. She is supposed to identify what make her cum and communicate it to her man. Likewise, the man is always supposed to find out if his woman is receiving just as much as the heaven the sex is supposed to make her feel. OK! Now I’m talking to couples (married couples or at least serious relationships) Before sex men should ask their women with authority- be erotic if you need to and bring the bitch outta your woman. Ask questions like (how do you want me to fuck you? I’m at your service and I can give it any way you want.) Be amazingly explicit and openly plain. Use the words and get your woman horny to tell you exactly what she wants.

Slowly do the unexpected and always motion her to find her if she’s comfortable. ( I mean, fingering, sucking her pussy giving her your dick to suck etc.) Open up and make her know that you are ready for just anything even if she squirts on you. Try that and see her bring out her best. God has made everyone enjoy sex and he has given everyone the ability to perform. Some women just don’t get to orgasm because they are bored with the man’s performance.

It’s not about the size of your dick, but the emotions that you exhibit. The man is the dominating party so he should be able to tune the woman to bring out her expectations. Sometimes the woman wants something but she’s just too shy to say it. And as long as she remains expectant, orgasm is always farfetched. During sex watch her countenance, if she doesn’t act impressed, stop and ask her what you’re not doing right and make her know she’s free to teach you to fuck her the way she wants. After sex don’t just turn your face away. Ask her if you did well. If she’s still expecting orgasm after your dick is dead, don’t just ignore her; rather finger or if you can, suck the orgasm out of her.

TRULY no orgasm should be difficult for any man to bring out. Just be bold enough and it will come to a point where your woman will just think of you and squirt. No woman last longer than necessary. Some are just bored and mostly expectant of what doesn’t come their way. Unfortunately…

What many people, especially men fail to understand, is that sex is an activity that involves mind, body and soul. It’s both physical and spiritual. Most people concentrate on the physical, thus don’t get the heavenly purpose. When the two partners involve their souls in sex, they can blow each other’s minds away.


For Christian couples, you can start by praying to God to feel your mind with mind-blowing emotions. Trust me God loves sex and knows sex techniques more than any man can imagine. Don’t leave any stone unturned. Explore every and anything that comes to your mind and see how orgasm will beg you even when you are not ready.
Also from experience, orgasm is also well experienced when couples go out of the ordinary. Try stepping out of the bedroom for a while…Fuck in the kitchen or on the couch in the parlour. If you live in a fenced compound all to yourselves, fuck in the veranda or if you live in a storey, use the balcony.
If you go out for a party or outing with your personal car, pack somewhere on your way back and fuck (if it’s at night) if you can’t afford all the luxury, try different positions and don’t just stick to the missionary. Explore your bodies to your satisfaction.
Orgasm is an extraordinary feeling and can hardly be experienced if extraordinary things are not done.I believe sex can be best enjoyed when there is concrete communication. Just don’t insert your dick and take out and expect someone to go crazy. Do crazy things……..Neville concluded.


BaretaNews Statement:

We wholly agree with Neville analysis and we just want to add that, sex is an art which involves a great deal of communication and understanding each other’s body language. Once, this is done, both partners will enjoy this sweet gift God gave humanity.

God is still saying something.

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