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On the Southern Cameroons Stuggle: One Step to Victory



BaretaNews just received a notification that U.N. officials left Southern Cameroons. It should be noted that the U.N. Human Right Commission was on a mission to investigate the ongoing crisis in Southern Cameroons. Following a February 22nd 2017 publication by the Guardian Post Daily, U.N. investigators left with confidential documents. In response, Mark Bareta, interim Consortium leader writes:

“If we must remain united and continue boycotting schools and observing ghost towns then this is the moment. Victory is near. Share this message as wide as possible. People of Bamenda should show their force tomorrow. Those in Buea should do same by Friday. Restoration is the end goal. God is still saying something.”

Also, it is confirmed Governor Okalia of the South West Region turned down a request for audience from U.N. investigators after keeping officials waiting for over two hours. That was unfriendly of the Governor. Onlookers question whether the Governor has something to hide?

BaretaNews add its voice by saying that this will be a giant step in the Southern Cameroons struggle. Also, it will reveal the reality on the ground and may pave the way for a long-lasting solution.

Stay tuned with BaretaNews.

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