Of International Community And The Future Of Ambazonia.

Interim Government of Buea



Of International Community And The Future Of Ambazonia.

The pressure from the International community keeps building. It is at the stage we were expecting and more is coming. For so long, we have cried and asked why they are silent. Now, we get them started talking. Let us by our own actions not give them the opportunity to slide back. We may think they are not watching. They follow us like we can’t never tell and they receive reports daily.

There has been no revolution in history without grave issues, we too have our own evil, our own mistakes, fights etc. What we are called upon to do as a people is that as we condemned these evil and fights within us no matter the source, let us by our actions deescalate rather than escalate. The world does not expect us to be without internal issues, but what will make us stronger and give the international community the boost and confidence in us is that, we acknowledge these issues and are working very strongly to come out of, build it, and make sure it fades away. Then, they will be confident we are ripe enough to self managed

Yes, the words and views of the international community, institutions, geopolitics matter because it helps gravely in reducing our road to Buea, end the collective suffering of our people and brings to a quick end an amicable solution

Words do matter and when we throw them out, we must think of consequences. The pain in us with what happened in Batibo and Muyenge should lead us to the root causes so that we can mitigate these issues.

I am pleading with all freeborn Ambazonians to ensure that while we condemn any issues which goes against our code of conduct, let us by our words, actions ensure that we deescalate to prevent any further internal wrangling especially amongst our own forces on GZ.

Fellow Ambazonians, we have all what it takes to win this war, shortened the suffering of our people and reach Buea in no distant time. With the pressure coming from the international community, our only job is to make sure we keep the pressure and make sure our weapons are directed ONLY at LRC so that they can break and negotiate with our leadership

We are lucky to be in December period, the era where Christ came, who brought us hope, solace, forgiveness, unity. It is my desire that during this Christmas period, most of us, activists, leaders, Ambazonians may invoke the doctrine of Christ coming, see into it, reflect it into our revolution, mend ways so that we can enter 2019 in a different spirit

We have the opportunity, just one last chance to get Ambazonia or we regret for the rest of our lives. I can do it, you can do it, we can do it. YES , WE CAN.

Mark Bareta

Otto Ama


  1. Tee Shalom

    December 18, 2018 at 4:39 PM

    You are right Comrade, the urgly incidents in Batibo and Fako actually rubbishes us and create a frightening thought in various minds. But like you said,the atrocities have already been committed and I join the orthers to pray that may the coming of the Messiah actually bring us solace and unity and in the spirit of love let there be no further pain inflicted on us by our own. It’s disheartening.

  2. Da Jamal

    December 18, 2018 at 6:25 PM

    Let our activists and leaders please caution their forces to direct their guns at LRC. I can hope ayaba is not behind this!!

  3. Malis

    December 18, 2018 at 6:37 PM

    To mother fucking hell.

    The international community is not above the women that give us Ambazonians birth,
    not above our young fearless men and women on ground zero, not above the pain
    some of our mothers are going through while we live in this thing called the
    international community in peace.

    We can not satisfy our own wishes, but somehow thinks we can satisfy that of the international
    community. Leave the international community in peace. They have nothing to do with this.

    No, No, No not this time.

    Not this time and never ever again.

    We are not going to sit by and watch this nonsense anymore.

    It is blood for blood internally and externally.

    What kind of reasoning is this? How can a people try to prove to God that
    they are nice by not being nice to their own selves but to others? What kind
    of a God demand such nonsense.

    No, those who come against our children must die by any means, be it with the
    gun or witchcraft. I will not keep fooling myself until Ayaba Cho come and kill me.
    If I have to die and go to some hell because I defend myself and children, that is
    something I do with pleasure.


  4. Mukong

    December 18, 2018 at 9:34 PM

    Whenever there is a major crisis, we owe it to ourselves and most importantly the Ambazonian community at large to make sure that we exercise extreme caution before making statements that will only help to complicate things and inflame passions. If we are honest to ourselves we will recognize that in advanced societies, it takes several years and a lot of investigative manpower to solve crimes.
    Considering what happened in Fako and in Batibo, it is absolutely unacceptable that some in our community were suddenly quick at absolving the culpability of some individuals with questionable behaviours in this crime. Personally, at this juncture, we should start calling a spade, a spade. We cannot continue to tap dance around issues like this while some think that the lives of our people mean nothing to them. Some of us need to learn a lot from the humility of Pa Mola Litumbe, Pa Gorgi Dinka, Hon Wirba, Barrister Nso Fru etc.
    Time and time again, some have acted in ways that we should have held them accountable from the very beginning, yet we decided to look the other way instead arguing that criticism was going to weaken the resolve of Ambazonian to fight LRC. As we went down this slippery path, the consequence of our ineptitude is that many of our finest young men and women are systematically being butchered by our own.
    The ADF better come clean this time before it is too late. The recent happenings in Fako and Batibo can no longer be swept under the carpet.
    Also, the IG should be very careful before people start to perceive it as peddlers of gossip. Any information that is aired should be done so after a thorough investigation must have been made. And most importantly, hold the sponsor of the groups on GZ accountable and please desist from giving information about their location.

  5. Mukong

    December 18, 2018 at 9:37 PM

    Malis, please we are a people with a rich culture that vehemently frowned at the use of profanities.

  6. Janice Beyongsi

    December 18, 2018 at 9:49 PM

    Allah U Akbar!Shukran Allah!When the French and the English discovered you NIGGERS you never wore clothes or knew what modern technology was.YOU aor we Called a bicycle IRON HORSE and soon GRAFFIS` called planes big MUNGWINS!MUNGWINS!Locusts!The English by 1850 had a developed society!!They immersed a few Baboons in the Cameroons with English language and Common Law and today they are ditching their Obuga BUGA MONKEY chants to pass for ANGLO SAXONS! There will never be a republic on earth called AMBAZONIA,Take this to the bank you my fellow barbarian. In Europe nobody gives a damn about you. You know that very well as they colonized us!!!After you guys settled there and behaved just like barbarians in the JUNGLE as you can take a NiGGER out of the jungle but will never take the jungle out of him, you felt you were too civilized to the extent of HIJACKING a peoples grievance for your macabre and SUB_HUMAN cause.DO you know that almost all the COUNTRIES in Africa were set up by the SUPERIOR white man through colonialism with arbitrary borders and separation of African tribal nations??You set up your PUTATATIVE AMBAZONIA~online pushing naïve and innocent kids to revert back to their natural habitat-THE BUSH and TREES where we lived before the whites discovered us and brought clean water, clothing medication, education, pencils, books, fans and everything where they SMOKE BANGA, are` RAPED etc.You armed them with DANE GUNS to fight professional armies of white people by proxy .YOU took refuge abroad as or like PUNK ASSES and COWARDS shielding behind computer screens as CYBER TERRORISTS while DRINKING THE BLOOD OF INNOCENT people dying LIKE CHICKEN THROUGH YOU ONLINE NYONG NYONGO BUSINESS.Ambazonia is nothing but SLAVERY REBORN AND NYONGO and sadly some GULLIBLE COWARDS and SUB_HUMANS buy that your MADNESS.AMBAZONIA AMBAZONIA set up by Black Africans!!ARE YOU KIDDING ME??What has the black man ever invented that worked let a lone setting up a country???The hospitals set up by the white missions like SHISHONG,BANSO BaptisT, NJINIKOM,ACHA TUGI etc have been reduced to rubble by AMBAZONIA and are shells of themselves.AFTER A BUNCH OF UNRULY BARBARIAN URCHINS BROUGHT NOTHING BUT MAYHEM, ILLITERACY AND SCHOOL BOYCOTTS, SENSELESS BUSGH WAR, KIDNAPPINGS AND RANSOMS, UNDERDEVELOPMENT AND VANDALISM, CYBER TERRORISM, BEHEADINGS, ECONOMIC GENOCIDE AND GHOST TOWNS ROAD BLOCKS DICTATORSHIP IN RURAL AREAS, LOW LIVING STANDARDS, SWINDLING $500000, EXTTORTING MONEY FROM EVERYBODY AND INVOLVING IN FACTIONALISM AND SQUABBLES, THEY ARE NOW AT EACH OTHER’S TRHROAT.OHHHHHH MIGHTY JEHOVA ALL PRAISE BE TO YOU.I DID NOT KNOW I’LL LIVE TO SEE THE DAY THE DICTATOR AND CONMAN ABEUREH NTIKANG CHO AYABA, EBENEZER AKWANGWA KWERE MBUNGA KWERE TU, BOH HERBERT MBINGO LEPROSY, ANU CHRIS AND TAPANG IVO BANWA TSE STE FLY MAFUA NDEM CHIARA LUBICK ORPHANS, NJOH LITRUMBE LIMBO BOKWANGO PA, SHORT PAH-OLUMBA OLUMBA BROTHER HOOD OF THE MOON AND STAR AND SUPREMEME PUNK IN LONDONG GORJI DINKA, MARK BARA BARETA UGLY KIBARINKO PICKIN ETC ARE NOW SLAUGHTERING EACH OTHER.PAPA GOD THE PEOPLE HAVE SUFFERED A LOT DUE TO THEIR SENSELESS WAR AND THE TIME OF RTECKONING IS NOW AND HAS COME.NO ESCAPING!THANK YOU JESUS.THEY SHOULD HUNT EACH OTHER DOWN AND KILL EACH OTHER IF POSSIBLE WIT THEIR ODESHI IF IT WORKS.GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME.THE BLOOD OF MY INNOCENT RELATIVES THAT YOU SHED WILL HAUNT YOU FOREVER.CHICKENS ARE NOW ROOSTING AT HOME.MABA BOYS WILL NOT ONLY SLAUGHTER EACH OTHER BUT WILL SOON EAT EACH OTHER ALIVE LIKE TRUE CANNIBALS.TOU MARK AND NTINKANG CHO AYABA MUST DIE BY ANY MEANS.IN FACT BY AMY MEANS NECESSARY. SATAN MONYONGO BARBARIANS CALLED AMBAZONIA.PIECES OF SHIT.AMBAZONIA MY ASS.

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