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Northern Zone Fons Split As Senator Fon Teche Begs Audience With Biya To Frustrate Ambazonia



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Anti Restoration Fons Split Northern Zone Fons Unions, as Power Hungry Fon Teche, Seeks Recognition from Biya with a Herd of Cattle


Ever since the Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia legal icon, Barrister Nico Halle, dropped the “Ntumfor” nobility title and resigned as the noble adviser and mobilizer of the Northern Zone fons’ union (NOWEFU), politically obsessed fons have taken the progress of the once revered union hostage. That is how the royalty and nobility that go with being a Fon in the Northern Zone of Ambazonia, were once again thrown into the bushes last weekend, when political jaywalkers and anti revolutionary elements within the fons’ union, and supported by Yaoundé, unconstitutionally manipulated their way to continuously hold sway on the leadership of the union. This, however did not go unresisted as change agents within the same union, who make up the majority break away to elect a parallel executive body for the union.

Recall that BaretaNews had last week before the elective convention, uncovered a planned mafia by the former President of the fons’ union, Senator Fon Teche Njei II and supported by some of his CPDM colleagues, to stage a comeback to the leadership of the union through the backdoor. BaretaNews also challenged the fons of Donga-Mantung County, whose turn it is to hold the presidency, to rise up to the task and challenge the mafia. This appeared to be what happened last weekend in the Northern Zone, when at the end of the elective assembly, two parallel executives emerged. Former President of the union, Senator Fon Teche Njei II of Ngyien-Muwa, resurfaced as President of the General Assembly (now the most powerful organ), while the Fon of Nkambe in Donga-Mantung County, HRH, Ibrahim Japbfu Nfor was elected the figure head President of the union. In defiance to the political intrigues and maneuvers of the antirevolutionary agents, the change seeking Fons also met at the Fons’ Secretariat in Nkwen and elected their own executive body, with HRH, Shey Barnabas Mbunwe II of Mbot village, Donga-Mantung County, as their factional President. These actions have thus split the fons’ union into two camps, with the fons and elites in the zone aligning with the different Presidents according to political interests and ideologies.

It is important to state that Senator Fon Teche is bent of taking the fons’ Union hostage because of the financial windfall that has visited the union as a result of the Southern Cameroons revolution. To achieve his agenda, he had hoodwinked the fon of Nkambe into his gang to mobilize some Nkambe denizens to fill the hall in traditional regalia, in order to pose as fons in massive attendance of his factional convention, since the majority had boycotted the event and organized theirs at the Fons Secretariat in Bamenda. The senator fon illusionary believes that he is in the best position to provide a sustainable solution for the current crisis to the colonial government in Yaoundé.

As at Press time, BaretaNews had received credible information that the Fon Teche faction of NOWEFU is seeking forcefully to have an audience with the colonial President, Paul Biya, to ask for his recognition, present his road map on how to kill the Ambazonia revolutionary movement and then demand for more resources to execute the job. To this effect, he has reportedly acquired a herd of Cattle which he and his cohorts intend to present to the Yaoundé colonist as Christmas Meat.

Baretanews continue to argue that the politicisation of royalty in Ambaland is the root cause of political foul play and scheming among the royal fathers, and this is the more reason why in the Federal Republic of Ambazonia, traditional institutions must return to the non politically inclined days of Southern Cameroons House of Chiefs. We wish to remind HRH. Senator Teche Njei II, that the solution to the Southern Cameroons Revolution is not within his reach at the moment. That time had passed. It is only the PEOPLE of AMBAZONIA that would determined their destinies by their own hands. Consequently, any attempt by him to continuously pose as a “Solutionist” in order to collect money from the confused Yaoundé régime is tantamount to political impersonation and parody. He should concentrate and provide a noble solution to the fictionalized Fon’s Union.

Agbor James, BaretaNews Political Activist

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