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Northern Zone CPDM Elites Scheme Against The Revolution









Hungry Ambazonian Slaves of the CPDM Continue to Scheme against the Revolution

Even as the Freedom minded citizens of Ambazonia continue their relentless quest for freedom from the shackles of La Republique du Cameroun (LRC), the crumbs eating so-called elites in Yaoundé, headed by first slave, PM Yang Philemon have continued to scheme against the people’s revolution. This time, they want to once more wear the toga of chauvinists and invoke the spirit of regional divide amongst Ambazonians.

In a long day meeting of members of the banned CPDM party, that held last Saturday, at the lake side residence of first slave Philemon Yang in LRC, the anti-freedom so-called elites from the Northern Zone, outlined measures they think could help in sabotaging the people’s revolution. Those in attendance included CPDM oriented fons, mayors, parliamentarians, senators, Ministers, and directors. Conspicuous among them were the Mayor for Wum Council, Mr. Dingambong Anthony, the political Fon Teche Njei of Ngyien-muwa and Mme Mundi, political bureau member of the CPDM.

The anti-people measures adopted were outlined as follows;

– Distribute large sums of money to bike riders in Bamenda in order to buy their consciences to disrupt ghost towns and also serve as informants to LRC agents in town.
– Resurrect the divide and rule strategy of North West/South West divisions, by dissociating the Northern zone from the current guerilla warfare by invisible Ambazonian warriors in the Southern Zone. This according to them will create resentment among the people of the two regions and bring back disunity among a now united people, determined for one goal – FREEDOM.

It is pathetic, that these absolutely conservative old Ambazonian men and women within the colonial regime have not still read the hand writing on the wall, as they have continue to gallivant, holding aimless meetings here and there with the hope of killing the struggle. As beggars of a certain one and indivisible Cameroun, they were strategizing to truncate the destinies of 8 million citizens, while their own destinies as pro colonial barons of Ambazonian were being decided in another direction in the same town, by just three men – Ntsimi Evouna, Famme Ndongo and Mama Fouda. But, they (the Northern zone CPDM zealots) were completely buried in their own greed and ignorance. It took BaretaNews intelligence to unravel the evil plot against them. When will these fathers and mothers learn their lessons?

The attempt by these pro Biya fanatics to use the current concentration of the guerilla warfare against colonial forces in the Southern Zone to divide the people is laughable. They shouldn’t take that for granted and then exploit it to play self-absorbed politics. By the time the guerilla warriors arrive the Northern Zone, they shall get the news succinctly. The masquerade is presently dancing in Manyu County of the Southern Zone, its next destination is unknown. The colonial elites should therefore hold their peace and enjoy their last crumbs peacefully with the colonialist regime.

Agbor James, BaretaNews Political Analyst

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