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Nguty Gendarmerie Officer Suffered Eye Balls Removals As Two Civilians Shot Dead









At least three persons have been reported death in Nguti Sub-Division following clashes between the military and ‘Ambazonian Odeshi fighters’.

According to our sources, the incident started on Sunday, February 18 at the Police-Gendarme joint checkpoint in Babenssi I, a village in Nguti Sub-Division.

The Sun learnt that the officers were approached by boys who dropped from a moving vehicle. They were then asked to hand over their guns, others did and ran for safety into the bushes while a gendarme officer refused and instead opened fire. Unfortunately he realized the guys impenetrable by bullets.In retaliation the ‘Odeshi’ boys stripped the officer off his uniforms, shot him to death and removed his eyes balls.

Sources also disclosed that the military, in a bid to vent their anger, fired bullets in the air that same day and unfortunately, a stray bullet allegedly killed a boy at Babenssi I village.

Another death was recorded in Nguti Town on Monday, February 19.Sources close to the victim’s family said that their brother was shot by the military as he insisted to pass through the Gendarmerie Brigade to the ELECAM head office.

It should be noted that security had been tightened around that area due to the many threats and attacks on military positions.
A road block had been mounted by the military between the Gendarmerie Brigade and the ELECAM head office.

As the news broke of the presence of the ‘Ambazonian odeshi fighters’ in the area, most villages along the Konye-Nguti highway emptied into the forest and neighbouring localities for fear of a possible military retaliation as a result of the killing of their colleague.

Others however traveled to nearby towns like Kumba where they feel will be much more accommodating.

D.O hailed for instilling calm
The population of Nguti Sub-Division in Kupe Muaneguba Division have praised the Divisional Officer for Nguti Sub-Division for his tactfulness in handling the situation.
Meka-Eba Michelle Serge has been congratulated for limiting the mass influx of the military that might have aggravated the situation and more loss of lives.

Inhabitants lauded the administrator for the measures put in place that has gone a long way to institute calm and protect their properties.

Culled from the Sun

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