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Next Week’s Ghost Towns Named: “LIBERATION GHOST TOWNS.”



Southern Cameroons socio-political activist Mark Bareta had suggested ghost town days be named. Per him, this was a means to strengthen the struggle. Southern Cameroonians on the other hand unanimously agreed to this development. To this effect, in a Facebook post on the 10th of May 2017, Mark Bareta called on Southern Cameroonians to choose a name for next week’s ghost towns. The selection was done unanimously and the name “LIBERATION GHOST TOWNS” was selected.

In this line, Mark Bareta writes: “Monday 15th and Saturday 20th are ghost-town days. We can’t emphasise anymore the importance of these days. Boycotting 20th May and observing ghost towns is the moral and truthful thing to do. It’s a duty for all Southern Cameroonians. Therefore, as we engaged yesterday in proposing names for next week Ghost towns. One name stood out tall that fits the week. The people of Southern Cameroons have named next week’s Ghost towns as LIBERATION GHOST TOWNS.”

Per him, the name reflects the total boycott of the 20th May celebrations by all Southern Cameroonians. He went to emphasise that Southern Cameroonians shall begin the liberation officially after denouncing and ghosting a so-called National day. He noted that by boycotting the celebrations, the truth will be revealed to the world at large that Southern Cameroonians no longer want a union with La Republique. “Yes, we have laid the foundation of our freedom. From 20th May boycott, the liberation begins and we enter phase three of the struggle into freedom. Thus, as we enter next week, all our actions will be to liberate ourselves”, he concluded.


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