New Zealand White Supremacist Terrorist Is The Younger Brother Of Cameroun State Sponsored Terrorism

New Zealand White Supremacist Terrorist, Brenton Tarrant Is The Younger Brother Of Cameroun State Sponsored Terrorism.

Today, we stand with the people of New Zealand and the Muslim community around the world who suffered a huge massacre yesterday in New Zealand at the Mosque ChristChurch. The white supremacist terrorist who organised such a killing spree is very weak and has no place in this world. We condemned such attacks in the strongest possible terms

The white supremacist terrorist who perpetrated such attacks at the Mosque can only be compared to another larger and organised terrorist organisation, this time, a government called Cameroun government located somewhere in Africa who is currently organising state sponsored terrorism against the peace loving people of Southern Cameroons who by their own rights just as the Muslims who have the rights and gathered to pray, Southern Cameroonians are exhibiting their rights to statehood and self determination. The actions of the white supremacist terrorist is the exact replica of Biya’s Government whose soldiers are abducting people and killing them, burnt people alive, burnt houses etc.

People pay their respects by placing flowers for the victims in Christchurch on Saturday [Michael Bradley/AFP]

Southern Cameroonians are experiencing an organised larger form of terrorism backed by even some foreign nations such as France. Today, the people of Southern Cameroons and New Zealand share a common pain, a common fight, to fight terrorism, and asset their rights to freedom of self determination and freedom to worship respectively

An individual burnt alive in Wum, Southern Cameroons on 14th March , 2019 by Cameroun State Sponsored Military Terrorist Forces

As we condemn the attacks in New Zealand in very strong words, we continue to call on the world not to forget the two years state sponsored terrorism in Southern Cameroons by the Government of La Republique Du Cameroun that has caused more than 5000 deaths, more than 2 million internally displaced, more than 176 villages burnt, more than 50.000 refugees, more than 3000 abducted, more than 3000 suffering from gun wounds and the entire 8 million Ambazonia people undergoing untold psychological trauma in the hands of the organised state terrorists called Cameroun. We ask for their intervention because what is happening in Southern Cameroons is worst than what happened in Rwanda.

We will overcome

God bless New Zealand
God bless Southern Cameroons
God bless the world

Mark Bareta



  1. Jon

    March 16, 2019 at 4:39 PM

    The killing of 49 people and the wounding of many in mosques across Christchurch in New Zealand by a terrorist (Brenton Tarrant) is appalling and grotesque. A terrorist like this, and armed amba terrorists in Cameroon have one and same purpose, to use terrorism to further their political views. Just like this terrorist mentioned in his so-called manifesto, terrorists always cite past injustices, etc. Armed amba terrorists have cited perceived past injustices to justify their barbarity, brutality, kidnappings for ransom, etc.

    Cameroon stands with the people of New Zealand. Our prayers and thoughts are with the people who lost love ones in the senseless depraved act of the terrorist.

    The Government of Cameroon is fighting a small group of diehard Anglophone (amba) terrorists, who do not reflect the will of the majority of English-speaking Cameroonians. The government of each and every Country has to provide protection and security to its citizens. And that is a legitimate right of sovereign nations. The United States of America fights terrorism within and without America. That is why America is fighting in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, and so forth.

    Saying that genocide is occurring in Cameroon means you, Bareta, doesn’t know the meaning of genocide as it applies in international law. The blind leading the blind! You are pig-ignorant! You make a fool of yourself and you are a joke by using the word genocide with regard to the Cameroon situation where armed terrorists, encouraged and being sponsored by you and others, are terrorizing their own people and attacking the security forces of Cameroon. In the Rwandan genocide, the Hutus (a tribe) massacred the Tutsis (a tribe) and moderate Hutus. In Cameroon, the government is surgically taking out the armed amba terrorists, and not all English-speaking Cameroonians. During the Rwandan genocide, about a million people (mainly Tutsis) were massacred within 100 days. In Cameroon less than a 1000 terrorists have been killed over a period of about 2.5 years. Even going by your statistic of 5000 over a period of about 2.5 years is not genocide. So, using the word genocide when experts in international law haven’t used it, is an eloquent demonstration of your ignorance, stupidity, and that you are an ignoramus. That is why you and others are not taken and will never be taken seriously by the international community. You may win in the “court of public opinion”, but not in the “court of facts”. Facts are facts, and those facts are not on your side.

  2. sunshine

    March 16, 2019 at 4:44 PM

    Evil begets Evil (french cameroun republic moves to exterminate Southern Cameroon – Ambazonia)

    Each member of the french cameroun army (bir) who has indiscriminately killed citizens and burned homes and villages in Southern Cameroun (Ambazonia) shall personally give an account for the atrocities unleashed on the people of Southern Cameroon (Ambazonia). biya, the despot of french cameroun in arrogance declared a war he knew had no basis but the bir went on to maim, kill and imprison innocent citizens of Ambazonia. Let biya and his cronies know that what he imposed on Ambazonia shall be imposed on his family and his clan and french cameroun in general. Wait and see. AND GOD SHALL WIPE OUR TEARS IN AMBAZONIA!

    • Jon

      March 16, 2019 at 9:40 PM

      The Bible says every authority is ordained by God. So, Mr Biya’s authority is ordained by God. That’s why we need to pray for all leaders. God is not with terrorists, beheaders, rapists, kidnappers for ransom, etc. And God shall multiply your tears for fighting His anointed. God fought for the children of Israel and He will fight for Mr Biya. Amba armed terrorists are like the deplorable philistines, and must be vanquished.

  3. Sunshine

    March 17, 2019 at 3:07 AM

    The senile and frustrated lion of french cameroun

    biya, the arrogant despot and senile lion of french cameroun will soon withdraw in shame and resignation from Ambazonia. I can hear his three legged dog barking.

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