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Nemanja Matic to Manchester United



Manchester United is interested in signing Matic. It is reported and rumoured that Matic has made his intention known to incoming boss Conte about his decision to leave the Chelsea Club. Matic is one of those player Mourinho would like at Old Trafford, the esteem with which the new manager holds him is no secret.

The reasons for such affection are obvious. He is the very embodiment of his former boss, who said it best himself after that deal was done. ‘If I had been here – left-footed player, 1.95m tall – a midfield player like that would never, never leave.’ Matic is no bruiser but his physical stature, matched with a deftness of touch in tight areas, makes him an indispensable asset in the modern game.

It is why Chelsea will fight tooth and nail to keep him in London, why United want him to spring up north sooner rather than later.Chelsea fans would be loathed to see him leave, particularly given his age, 27, lends itself to any potential new club benefiting from his prime.

Mourinho after landed Eric Bailly, central defender from Villarreal this morning, hopes to convince Matic to join him in his Manchester United Revolution

God is still saying something.


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