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NCHRF Urges UB To Withdraw Ekema Patrick’s Fake Certificate








The Southwest Secretary of the National Commission on Human Rights and Freedoms (NCHRF), Tambe Tiku Christopher is advocating for authorities at the University of Buea, to withdraw the certificate of Patrick Ekema Esunge and redeem its good credentials by shaming academic fraud. In a strong worded letter, Tambe Tiku argued that a reputable academic institution like UB could not let its name to be soiled. According to him, the University of Buea is at the best position to independently expose and shame acts of academic fraud, like that of Ekema Patrick.

The letter addressed to the Vice Chancellor (VC) of the University of Buea, was summited mid last week. It comes bare two days after a strongly worded request was addressed to the Attorney General of the Southwest, imploring the legal head of the Region to prosecute the Ekema Patrick Esunge for allegedly faking his way into academic certificates.

In his UB letter, Tambe Tiku recalled having participated in a barrage of peace talks between the students and UB authorities in times of conflicts, and that the institution, like many other universities, play an important enabling, facilitating and critically reflective role in most democratic societies.

“They are often the locus for the birth and incubation of new ideas and provide in many ways, the enabling environment where a society can engage in dialogue,” Tambe Tiku added

The ace human rights activist notes that the saga surrounding the certificate of the mayor has compelled his outfit to visit the equitable maxim, viz; “Delay defeats equity.” He adds that while appreciating the efforts of the varsity to put in place a commission of inquiry to probe into the allegation, it is observed that the process was unnecessarily slow.

“The decision to withdraw certificates obtained through false or dubious admission into the university should not be obfuscated with political considerations. It is a purely scientific issue. It is either the applicant meets the criteria for admission or not. In the case of Mayor Ekema Patrick, there is ample evidence furnished by the examination authority, the GCE board. Apparent from their report is that Mayor Ekema Patrick Esunge did not pass the Advanced levels in all four occasions he attempted,” Tambe Tiku expounded

In tandem with the nemo dat quod non habet rule, (the other side be heard) Tambe Tiku’s petition notes, “he was summoned before your Commission. In his characteristic disregard for state authority, he refused to appear. I must state unequivocally that his conduct is such as to point indubitably and necessarily to the conclusion that he has acquiesced to any outcome of the findings.”

Undoubtedly, he continues, “this matter is important to the university and to a wide range of other stakeholders. Any attempt to deviate from the truth may lead to untold consequences. The students are furious and are beginning to be suspicious. University workers dismissed for being in possession of fake certificates are incensed and think the university is vindictive. The image of the university is on the rocks. These are all early warning signs of an imminent combustion that the university cannot afford to ignore.”

“We cannot,” Tambe Tiku stresses, “underestimate the gravity of the offence of academic fraud. It impacts adversely not only on the moral fibre of the society but on the economic growth of the country. It discourages potential students from going to school and working hard, leads to loss of respect for authority and Government and is inimical to public administration. It is vital for the public to have complete confidence in the integrity and efficiency of public servants but fraud from a mayor emasculates that very trust and confidence.”

Tambe Tiku concludes with a screamer: “The mayor’s conduct is to be deplored. He did not succumb to sudden temptation and then resist. He participated in the offence in a cynical manner… The mayor unjustly enriched himself at the expense of the university. The university must reclaim all undue earnings to restore confidence in the rule of law. However, if it is a state policy to protect the mayor’s involvement in such acts, then the public has the right to be informed…”

By Lucas Muma,

Managing Editor – BaretaNews


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