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Ms Scotland’s Visit: Diplomatic Trip Or Wasteful Tour?



Commonwealth, Patricia Scotland




Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland must’ve kicked off her diplomat trip in La Republique’s capital Yaounde for talks with Colonial President Paul Biya but without concrete action taken to back her words and concerns in the ongoing crisis, it’s safe to say those optimistic to see the outcoming of her trip should start holding their breath.

It’s been confirmed the honorary diplomat to the Cameroons met this Thursday with the SDF Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi and the President of now the defunct Consortium Agbor Balla Nkongho for a sitdown. What could have been discussed during their meeting might serve as a pacesetter in getting the viewpoints of both sides of the divide but be rest assured one is tempted to see the trip for what it really is, a calculated move by the Commonwealth of Nations to take stock while they remain adamant by their inactions.


The gentleman’s club might not be a human rights watchdog but being a reputable organisation protecting Anglosaxon cultural values across the world, there a few decisions the Commonwealth could make to show it’s intent to bring this crisis to a resolution and the disputing parties to the table;

-Yaounde’s membership in the gentleman’s club could be suspended until such due date for dialogue is set

-All member states of the Commonwealth could be asked to recall their High Commissioners and other top diplomats through a coordinated effort if initiated by the United Kingdom.

-Aid in all its form could be cut and sanctions imposed thereby forcing Yaounde to see that the rug is gradually being pulled from underneath its feet.

-Military hardware supplied to La Republique’s military could also be recalled in strict condemnation of its barbarism.

-Financial restrictions and sanctions are a sure way to squeeze the regime.

These are a few measures that could be implemented from within the Commonwealth and it won’t take long for an economic bloc such as the EU to follow suit but since the Secretary-General’s trip is nothing short of meet-and-greet that couldn’t possibly be backed by action, the heavy-handed of the colonial forces will continue but so far they’re being pushed back by restoration forces of the ADF.

By Benson Neba, BaretaNews Foreign Correspondent/Analyst








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