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MoRISC Comes Through Finally, Condemns ADF Despicable Acts In Guzang Batibo



UPDATED: The Guzang Massacre & Urgency of Deploying UN Peacekeepers

Our statement issued yesterday on the subject in reference above is hereby updated as follows:

The Movement for the Restoration of the Independence of Southern Cameroons (MoRISC) has finalized the research we were conducting and we have confirmed beyond any iota of doubt that the ADF (Ambazonia Defense Force) perpetrated the Guzang Massacre in Ambazonia’s Northern Zone.

When we said in our statement yesterday that this massacre is a painful reminder of the very worst in humanity, we were still holding out hope that the carnage might turn out to be the handiwork of the satanic forces of the Republic of Cameroon.

Alas! This heinous and morally reprehensible crime was, indeed, committed by the ADF. MoRISC has independently ascertained that by interviewing reliable sources on Ground Zero. We finally had a chance of being briefed earlier today by the top brass of the AGC (Ambazonia Governing Council) and Ambazonians with insider knowledge of the confessions made by fighters and commanders admitting their involvement to ADF in-house investigation.

MoRISC is ashamed and horrified to know not only that ADF fighters/commanders were involved but also that the leadership of both the ADF and of the AGC – although fully briefed – kept the people of Ambazonia guessing or completely in the dark, including up to the moment of the issuance of this statement. While it is laudable that the leadership of the ADF and the AGC are taking this seriously and are investigating the massacre, their failure to issue a statement and their delay in reaching out to and briefing other liberation movements is as inexcusable as the crime itself.

As if the criminal silence was not enough, at least one officially designated ADF spokesperson and many ADF/AGC surrogates soaked up oxygen on social media, sending conflicting as well as contradictory signals when they were not simply mocking those grieving. Even worse, they promised carnage in other states of Ambazonia. This surrogacy can only torture bereaved family members and Ambazonians. For some, these acts are like killing the victims all over again or dancing on their graves.

Nothing – repeat nothing – can justify the Guzang Massacre. The ADF and the AGC are in a hole and, as the saying goes, when you find yourself in a hole, you are always going to be better off if you stop digging. Failing to issue a holding statement, failing to brief other liberation movements, and sending conflicting signals or using more inflammatory language has the unfortunate effect of giving the entire Ambazonia Revolution a bad name whereas it should be limited to the culprits.

We have no lessons to teach another movement, except to remind them that we are on the same boat. If they open up one side of the boat and it is taking water and they say nothing to anyone else on board, we are all going down. Mother Ambazonia should not have to pay the price for any of our movements, political leaders, activists, fighters, commanders or citizens.

MoRISC hopes that the leadership of the ADF and AGC will bring everyone up to speed by issuing statements, coming clean on what they know, who gave the orders, why and what they are doing to address this poison. The actions of a few, misguided, rogue fighters/commanders or units must not be allowed to jeopardize the entire Ambazonian Revolution.

The Colonial Republic of Cameroon has raised lie-telling to an art; telling falsehoods even when caught red-handed with the hand in the cookie jar of the Pinyin, Bali, Ekona, Belo, Weh, Dadi, Munyenge, Kumbo, etc. massacres. We, Ambazonians, a people devoted to the rule of law, committed to justice, engaged in a cause founded in international law and in a revolution inspired by the God who sets captives free, must show the world the difference between us and the colonialists who feed on our blood. Only the truth will set us free.

And confessing the truth calls on every Ambazonian to examine their Godly-self: their conscience and the part of their heart where love lives. The truth is that some past and ongoing actions guided by hatred for one another, vaulting political ambition, the desire to crush any dissident opinion or to disband any movement that does not pledge allegiance to certain groups are the fire we must put out in order to hope to do away with the intoxicating smoke that blinds so many Ambazonians on the way forward.

We invite Ambazonians to prayer, meditation, forgiveness, reconciliation and honest collaboration. The ingredients of other massacres – similar or worse than Guzang – have been in place for a long time already. We need to regroup and take the action needed to de-escalate the tensions, build synergies and end the many small wars that have our volunteer freedom fighters eating each other raw. The Diaspora must take responsibility for engineering these fractious factions, for starting up and stoking the many fires with fuel enough to consume all of Ambazonia while the colonial forces relax and watch our own accomplish their work for them. The feuds between various factions need to end and a good starting point remains the political movements coming together – as did America’s founding fathers under the Continental Congress to provide political leadership of the American Independence War, under the leadership of one General, George Washington, who remarkably turned down the salary that came with the job.

Ambazonia should put in place a similar Congress whose first and most urgent job must be to build a unified self-defense command with a code of conduct most respectful of human rights and the Geneva Conventions.

Ntumfoyn Boh Herbert (Yindo Toh) Spokesperson, MoRISC



  1. Mukong

    December 21, 2018 at 2:12 AM

    Any talk of putting in place a Congress to coordinate the activities of our youngmen and women on GZ is totally irrelevant at this juncture. We have the IG and that is more than enough.
    As for the leadership of the ADF, they shall pay for their heinous, reprehensible and satanic acts. How on earth can any person with an ounce of decency in them be able to forgive the ADF blood thirsty hounds. To imagine that one of the criminals of this group had the audacity to make a profanity fill video in which he was happy for the killings as if the lives lost were worthless is reason that ADF should be outlawed in Ambaland. We cannot continue to allow individuals to think and act with impunity as time and time again individuals on GZ affiliated with ADF like Divine have committed heinous crimes only for all of us to look the other way. This time around, we must put an end to this insanity before we get to a point where the success borne from the sacrifices of many in this revolution will be forever tarnished.

  2. Nchaw

    December 21, 2018 at 7:08 AM

    It’s painful talking about calling people when we have an IG.
    If you put your own people’s blood in to your cup to drink, I think you are wordless to exist in your community.
    The leadership of ADF/ ADC must be exile from this revolutionary move now.
    We need leadership, leaders who are accountable to their action.
    No power Mungers in AMBAZONIANS revelation.

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