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I Met Publicly With Ping And Bongo- Christopher Fomunyoh



BaretaNews reported on Wednesday, 14th September 2016 about a phone conversation reportedly between Jean Ping, Gabonese Opposition leader and sacked Ivory Coast Presidential Adviser Mamadi. The conversation highlighted a lot about the Gabon elections and a possible foreign intervention. It also highlighted Jean Ping’s love for foreign help. Amongst this conversation, Jean Ping who was a former AU chief went to rubbish the African Union as toothless bulldogs. The conversation featured the name of Cameroon-born head of National Democratic Institute in which ping said he had a conversation with his Cameroonian friend (Christopher Fomunyoh) and that his Cameroonian friend knows a lot. NDI is a US based body created by US Congress and Christopher is a supposed Cameroon 2018 Presidential candidate. Read details here

Christopher Fomunyoy has however reacted to the said publication. He wrote to BaretaNews:

” So, where is the connection? Am I responsible that someone refers to me in a conversation to which I’m not a party?

You should know that as head of the NDI team during the Gabonese election, it was my responsibility to meet with the major candidates, so I met with Jean Ping just as I met (also) with Ali Bongo. Both meetings were public and each candidate had their staff and close associates present.

I hope you raise the level of our public discourse and not stoop down to conspiracy theories, insinuations, and innuendos. We deserve better..”

Dr. Rexon Nting based in the UK was not satisfied with the Christopher response because a closer look at the conversation gave a whole different picture of what Christopher is trying to sell. Hear him:
” Suggestions have been raised privately that you were part of a cartel with an interest in the Gabonese elections. It has been argued that the mission of you and your friends was to manipulation public opinion and impose Jean Ping in power. After which, the same team will help impose you on Cameroonians. Some have suggested there is a French connection on this and it was the same clique that imposed Allasane Ouatarra on the Ivorian people and took Laurent Gbagbo to the Hague. We hope this is not true. You were not a party to those conversations but your name was mentioned as “our friend”.

BaretaNews asserts that indeed It was Christopher responsibility to meet with both teams as head of NDI. Nobody refutes that. But the conversation from Jean Ping shows a lot of different feelings. The use of the word “our friend” in the leaked conversation indicated a different connotation. It revealed that Christopher was probably siding with the opposition. The leaked conversation reveals that they had met.

However, Callistus Funjong, BaretaNews commentator picks hole with the whole Jean Ping connection; ” The transcript was translated into English. So, I made my judgement from the translated English version. I don’t like what I read. It’s a straight forward case to interpret. It talked of a PLOT. Parties were named. When they talked of France and America, they are obviously referring to the French secret service with Francoise Hollande being part of it. They do not need to mention Obama or the State Department for us to understand that the White House is aware of this nonsense. This is extremely high-level politics and those imperialists at the very top are behind this nasty game. The conversation goes to show how these guys operate. These guys are not ready to let Africa in the hands of Africans.

They want to be always in control of us, by having their puppets at the top at all costs, even at the cost of people losing their lives for their own selfish gains. Ping and Mamadi could not have been talking about organisations, or people or countries if these people are not part of the deal. It’s there for all to see. They want to HURT Ali. Ping wants to (I would say, KILL) his children’s uncle, his former brother-in-law to please his Western masters. In as much as I hate the Bongos who have been milking Gabon with the help of the French, I would like to say congrats to Ali Bongo for being so smart to outsmart these guys in their own game. He wired Ping. As a result of that, we now discover what’s going on and who the players are. Now we know the truth.

This leaked transcript has now proven to us what these guys have been up to. Without this transcript, we would have been stupid to support Ping Pong as most of us did with Quattara. I feel sorry for Africa. When shall we ever have leaders that were chosen by us to work for us? “- Callistus concluded

God is still saying something.

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