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Meme Colonial SDO Imposes Own Lockdown, Kumba Denizens Call To Shun SDO




Meme Colonial SDO Imposes Lockdown on Ambazonians

By Mbah Godlove

The colonial Senior Divisional Officer (SDO) of Meme county, Chamberlain Ntou Ndong has imposed a lockdown on denizens in that part of the country. In a communique signed on Friday, September 6, he banned all commercial activities in the county, threatening to sanction anyone who contravenes the order.

In this regard, the entire population of Kumba and its environs were told, “all markets, commercial stores, filling stations, commercial bikes, taxis, and interurban transport are prohibited to operate or circulate in Meme Division from Saturday the 7th to Sunday the 8th of Septembre 2019,” the release stated.

The agent of occupation, however, said the order will not be applicable to administrative authorities, ambulances, Funerals, private vehicles and pharmacies, and above, LRC’s forces of lawlessness and disorder. “Normal activities will resume on Monday 9th September 2019. Defaults will face the law.” He bullied.

Meme SDO Letter

The colonial administrator’s decision to suspend activities in the area comes after denizens respected with pride the first of a two-weeklong shutdown of Ambazonia decreed by Ambazonia Forces

After failing to force locals to disrespect the clarion lockdown call from Ambazonia Forces, Chamberlain Ntou Ndong shamefully announced a two-day ban of activities in the Meme county in a bid to forestall Monday ghost towns and next week lockdown. Ambazonia leaders in the diaspora have been reacting calling on Kumba denizens to ignore the occupational colonial officer. One of the leaders Dr. Ayaba Cho Lucas in a Facebook post wrote “Don’t Respect any order from a colonial agent. We need the population to work with us to take down this coward SDO”.

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