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Massachusetts Congressman Voice Concerns To US State Dept Over Cameroons’ Conflict





In a letter drafted February 16, 2018, to the US Department of State headed by America’s chief diplomat Rex Tillerson, Joseph Kennedy, a House of Representative member for Massachusetts’ 4th District, the Congressman pointed out his growing dissatisfaction about the ”deteriorating conditions” as the LRC continue with its brutal crackdown on civilians in the Northern and Southern regions of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.

Congressman Kennedy urged the US Department of State to task the colonial government of La Republique to meet up with its international obligations under the law to chart the way forward for ”constructive dialogue” between both parties in the ongoing crisis.

The Democrat lawmaker raised the issue of reports covering some of Yaounde’s atrocities ranging from arbitrarily arresting protesters, internet blockade and the restriction of web access, the heavy-handedness implemented by LRC against any form of gathering and peaceful assembly in the Southern Cameroons. He also brought up the ransacking and burning of villages, firing live rounds at unarmed civilians and the torching of people’s homes.

Concerning the UNHCR report of a disturbing 40,000 Southern Cameroonians who’ve fled into neighboring Nigeria chased by the armed forces of LRC. He was particularly taken by the 47 leaders of the Interim Government, abducted and forcibly extradited to Yaounde, raising human rights concerns and he even wondered whether the due process of law would be respected.

Without mincing words, the US Congressman ended his letter by calling on the US chief diplomat to rein in LRC while ensuring the rights of the Southern Cameroons’ citizens are respected, called on the colonial government of Cameroun to uphold it’s ”international obligations and commitments” while at the same time calling on Secretary Tillerson facilitate dialogue in a bid to bring a ”peaceful resolution” to the conflict.

Whether the US State Department will flex its diplomatic muscle to change things on the ground, remains to be seen.



Neba Benson,

BaretaNews Foreign Correspondent/Analyst


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