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Mark Bareta Sets Out Modalities To Fish Out, Punish Fake Amba Fighters



Mark Bareta Sets Out Modalities To Fish Out, Punish Fake Amba Fighters

By Mbah Godlove

Renowned Ambazonian activist, Mark Bareta has authorized that individuals who have disguised to be Ambazonian Fighters be identified and eventually dealt with.

The Belgian-based liberation crusader revealed that communities are permitted to group themselves with a well-defined strategy to fight against vices perpetrated by the said unscrupulous persons pretending to be working under the aegis of Ambazonian Forces.

Mark Bareta warned on his Saturday, August 15 tweet that, any strategy will be considered an extension of the Cameroun military if collaboration of any manner is done with colonial officials, and such would be faced with stiff retaliation.

The CEO of BaretaNews acknowledged the fact that, despite being one big Amba family, people are of different cultural backgrounds.

“Thus, if we identify a particular community with vigilantes against Amba Forces, we can specifically call out that community and we will exert full force,” he emphatically warned.

“It does not amount to threats/hate,” Bareta reassured.

It is against the formation of vigilantes groups in local communities in Ambazonia to fight against the liberation struggle that Mark Bareta took to his Twitter handle to sensitize populations to not be allowed by French Cameroun to impede independence which is already at the doorstep.

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