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Manyu Diaspora Sends Warning To Colonial Mengot, Request Denizens Boycott 11th February










Manyu Diaspora Advisory Committee Deals With Mengot Again

After stripping Mengot off all his titles in Manyu, the Committee in an urgent Press Release, finally buried Minister Victor Mengot, In charge of Special Duties at the Presidency. Read Press Release below;

#007 of February 8, 2018

Beloved countrymen/women,
The Manyu Diaspora Advisory Committee (MDAC) wishes to draw your attention to an intercepted CPDM circular, signed by the shameless Biya’s “Boy Boy” and co-blood sucker, Victor Mengot, titled designating delegations of resource persons to support CPDM Sections, particularly the youth at celebrations marking the 52nd Anniversary of the National Youth Day”, dated February 6, 2018.

It is heartbreaking to even imagine that the already ostracized Mengot would think of organizing 11th February celebrations in Manyu at a time when many Manyu young people have been slaughtered and buried in mass graves, and others arrested and dumped in concentration camps by the demonic and illiterate Biya military.

Unfortunately, it is happening! We have thousands of our people, including children, the old/feeble, raped, pregnant and wounded, suffering and dying in the bushes and in refugee camps in Nigeria, and all what interests Mengot is to further feed his insatiable political ambition and tall ego??? Honestly, the long known wickedness of the CPDM is now in full display.

Soulless Mengot is probably taking our civility for granted, and either thinking that we are all his slaves, or outright stupid. Otherwise, what is there to celebrate? Raping of our women and daughters, indiscriminate killings of our people, fleeing refugees, mass graves, looting by criminal military, burning down of our villages, markets and schools? What a heartless creature you are, Mengot!

We have already been hinted of Biya’s sinister plan in Manyu. Hear it, our people: Biya and his CPDM henchmen, including the likes of wicked Mengot, Tabetando, Susan Okpu and Co are up to something really bad. They plan to lure our suffering young people to come out to celebrate “Youth Day”. There will be “free” drinks and food.

They will then position their killer soldiers to disguise as civilians and kill our children, then turn around and blame it on “secessionists”. Okada boys, petrol sellers, beach boys and other youth groups will be particularly targeted. Remember most of our Manyu people have razor blade scars on their bodies. Biya’s soldiers will claim that those scars are Odeshi scars, and then summarily slaughter the youths and bury them in shallow graves with impunity, as they have done in the past. That’s it!

Great People of Manyu, do not be deceived by Mengot the Lucifer. You are very wise people. Keep your children safe at home on the 11th of February, and tell Mengot to take his deception to Mvomeka’a not Manyu.

Thank you all.

The Manyu Diaspora Advisory Committee
For Immediate Release

I, Eric Tataw of National Telegraph approves and lionizes this message.

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