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Maiming, Torture, Arbitrary Arrests Erupt In Bamenda As Colonial Forces Go Haywire



Maiming, Torture, Arbitrary Arrests Erupt In Bamenda As Colonial Forces Go Haywire

By Mbah Godlove

Forces belonging to the colonial regime of French Cameroun have stormed major streets in Bamenda wrecking excruciating pains on unarmed Ambazonians in the city.

Sources in Bamenda revealed that gunshots were heard earlier this Wednesday September 2, forcing economic activities to shutdown.

Wednesday’s deafening gunshots, BaretaNews learnt, were carried out by colonial uniformed officers as revenge over the death of a senior police inspector on Tuesday September 1, during gunfire exchanges with restoration fighters.

Inhabitants of the city of Bamenda were gripped by fear and consternation as they faced a second successive day of terror.

La Republic du Cameroun’s unruly soldiers arbitrarily arrested and tortured several innocent civilians as well as looted property.

Areas such as City Chemist, Food Market, Small Mankon were highly affected by the chaos.

It is unclear the reason behind today’s raids, but some locals accused the forces of occupation for transferring aggression, following a nightmarish confrontation with Ambazonian freedom fighters over 24 hours ago.

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