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We have lost our humanity in La Republique: Reclamation begins now



Today, I want to speak truth and justice into our struggle as we have Christian this week the truth and justice week following the truth and justice Ghost Towns on Monday.

This struggle belongs to the people of Southern Cameroons. They shall be the only ones to decide how and when it ends. That is why anyone who does not believe in the restoration struggle of this battle will be consumed by the fire of Southern Cameroonians. While we respect other opinions, we will defend our rights to protect and safe guard this struggle based on truth and justice. The truth is that Southern Cameroons deserved to be free. This truth is founded both in legality and morality. That is why we have seen priests and men of God speaking out. Reverend sisters are joining. That is also why Bishop Kleda got first hand information from our parents themselves. He was woefully disgraced.

Yes for 7 months now, more than half a year we have succeeded in shutting down our schools, this is not because we hate education, it is so because we want to provide a holistic education to our children. The present dispensation does not provide us that opportunity. Therefore, in order for our education and her institutions to be sustainable, only restoration shall quarentee it. The present state of affairs in this fake union shall only puncture our education. Do not be disturbed about the echoes of few students going to school, about few students taking exams in UB albeit with free marks giving to them to lure them to write and now La Republique preparing to take the GCE by all costs. Remember this is a struggle and we can’t get a hundred percent, even the apartheid had blacks and South Africans who still supported apartheid. We also recalled the slavery days, our own people caught and sold us. Even in the white man land, they joined the slave master in tormenting other slaves. So fear not when you see few falling. This is part of human nature sanctioned in all revolution. Our only option will be to identify these loopholes and chopped them off. However, the good news is that we shall succeed because these little distractions cannot stop us. The struggle has been ordained by Allah.

For 7 months also, our courts are closed. Our legal luminaries have said things must change. They earlier said only a two states federation or independence will safe Southern Cameroonians. Whatever be the case, we the people shall determined our future. We must recall that self defense is a right and the right to build an army for a country is that backed by international law therefore, we must apply all measures including self defense to free homeland.

I want us to specifically take note of some Southern Cameroonians on social media against our struggle, they mock each move we make, they call us social media warriors, they are bound to see us fail, they forget that we have taken hostage of our country and things are not the same again. These are agents of the devils. They are a vexation to the spirit. I am making a special call for all Southern Cameroonians to protect the struggle on social media. We must drain these loud voices. We must employ the jump and pass theory. These individuals have sold their souls to the devil and you recall that a lost soul seems very difficult to reclaim unless hard exorcism is done. We must apply the jump and pass theory by ignoring their posts. Do not debate them, don’t event like, read. Just ignore. Commenting on such post builds debates and gives them the impetus to keep spurring out rubbish. Ignore all those posts and by themselves they shall leave. We own the social media space and we must protect it from pollution and corruption.

Let us continue speaking truth and justice into our struggle this week. Everyone is a foot soldier and you should help the struggle in whatever ways you deem fit. We must keep calling for the release of our leaders. Those parents sending innocent kids to take FSLC exam when their kids have been home are shameless, those parents allowing their kids to participate in a would be GCE are shameless and those few students taking an exam in UB with free CA marks lacks the educational insights, they are frauds. All these certificates shall be discarded and considered fraud in due time.

Take control of your future, free Southern Cameroons because it is only in a free land that we can enjoy the dividends of being truly human. We have lost our humanity in La Republique Du Cameroun. That change begins with YOU.

Let this morning motivation challenge us to see that we protect our struggle and keep the struggle alive.

Mark Bareta
From Bui County
Southern Cameroons
Follow the struggle and not individuals

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