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Lebialem chiefs admit Amba hegemony: Beckon on the Biya regime to lead them home.



mass murder scheme in ambazonia


Lebialem chiefs admit Amba hegemony: Beckon on the Biya regime to lead them home.
By Mbah Godlove

Traditional rulers from Lebialem have openly recognized that Ambazonian fighters are in control of the County despite a recent CPDM dialogue convened by 86 year old Paul Biya of French Cameroun to resolve the ongoing deadly conflict in Southern Cameroons. Meeting in yaounde on October 14, chiefs from Alou, Wabane and Fontem who fled their chiefdoms owing to their unconditional support to the Colonial regime of La Republique du Cameroun, for the first time admitted that the Biya’s forces of occupation have lost control in Lebialem.

According to the colonial subjects, armed groups have continued to resurface despite the decisions arrived at during the Biya’s champaign pupping convention that held from September 30 to October 4 2019. The chiefs also pleaded with the blood thirsty government to facilitate their going home, while pledging more loyalty.

“We hereby renew our usual stand to continue supporting state institutions and Republican values while counting on government to create an enabling environment for our populations and ourselves to return to our verious Fundoms. We also count on the powers that be, to assist us as we prepare to massively attend the upcoming installation of the newly appointed SDO of Lebialem,” they said in a statement.

The determination of the Lebialem rulers to return home comes after they have spent several months in yaounde as a result of the betrayal of their people.
Following the vacuum created by the absence of the slave chiefs, the dreaded and respectful Ambazonian General, Field Marshall was recently crowned Paramount fun of the area. Lebialem is one of the counties in the Southern zone of Ambazonia where pro independent fighters have a high influence.

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