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Laurent Esso Response Was Shameless and Dishonest- Barr. Bobga



We want to acknowledge receipt of what I can now truly describe as the shameless and dishonest belated response of the Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seals of la République du Cameroun to the issues which ignited the current revolution in the Southern Cameroons.

The attempted solutions to the Southern Cameroonian Lawyers’ issues, which Minister Laurent Esso presented during his press conference of March 31, 2017, ended up doing something different. The press conference instead exposed the falsehood, intellectual dishonesty and the lack of concern that is well known to us as part and parcel of the operations of the government of la République du Cameroun.

It is regrettable that the Minister of Justice, even in a crisis mismanagement situation, has doggedly continued to view his government as simultaneously Judge and Conflictual Party to the dispute between his country and the Southern Cameroons.

I shall be coming up in a later date with a more detailed dissection and eulogy of this dead-on-arrival government project for the continued occupation, annexation and extermination of the people of the Southern Cameroons. For now, let me state clearly that in the history of our two equal states, the minister and all the regimes of la République du Cameroun have denied our status and identity as a people and a state, whose international boundaries are well known. Without any legal basis, they over-ran and occupied our state through terror and trickery; notwithstanding the sustained rejection of our enslavement by a slave-nation itself engaged in doing its master’s bidding.

The Government of la République du Cameroun should be ready to explain why it ignored the petition brought against it by the then Cameroon Common Law Lawyer’s Association (now renamed Southern Cameroons Bar Association) for a determination of the existence or non-existence of an ACT OF UNION between la République du Cameroun and the Southern Cameroons.

I am calling on the members of the Southern Cameroons Bar to engage in the following:

1. be braced up to debunk the Minister’s lies;
2. shun violence and let’s continue to exert our minds especially after being treated to such abysmal intellectual poverty, convoluted by moral baseness and shameless dishonesty;
3. stay open to dialogue on the liquidation of the forced concubinage and rape of the Southern Cameroons, under the mediation and or other form of facilitation by credible international third parties.
4. demand that the INTERNET SHUTDOWN, the longest ever in the history of the world, over the Southern Cameroons territory be immediately uplifted.
5. demand that an International Commission of Jurists and Imminent Personalities engage immediately in investigating the smoldering genocide under the darkness of Internet shutdown in the Southern Cameroons

Barrister Bogba Harmony
President, North West Lawyers Association.

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