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Lasin Explosion: Colonial Survivors Share Bitter Experience



Lasin Explosion: Colonial Survivors Share Bitter Experience

By Mbah Godlove

Some French Cameroun’s soldiers who narrowly cheated death after the detonation of an Improvised Exclusive Device (IED) by Ambazonia Forces in Lasin have begun sharing their ordeal with fellow colleagues.

Monday, November 01 remains a memorable day for the colonial soldiers whose vehicle was attacked at Lasin, while they were on a mission to raze homes and whole villages.

Sources say their vehicle was hit by an EID, rendering several colonial soldiers injured.

It remains uncertain if some of them died in the Lasin attack, but BaretaNews learned that most of them did not only sustain injuries but lost some of their weapons to Ambazonian fighters.

Meantime, the recovered colonial soldiers have been sharing what they consider as testimony with their fellow colleagues.

Most of them thought they will not survive the wrath of restoration forces who are bent on liberating homeland.

Hearing of the Lasin incidence, some colonial soldiers immediately resolved to resign from French Cameroun’s army, stressing they would prefer to stay alive for their families than die for a senseless war

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