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La Republique Military Making Brisk Business From School Principals







BaretaNews can authoritatively report that La Republic’s military forces stationed in Ambazonia are making a lot of money from school principals in the name of providing security for schools. It is important to note that in an attempt to penetrate the schools shutdown in Ambaland, the colonial government had deployed combat ready officers to strategic schools in the towns and villages of Southern Cameroons.

However, Bareta news has learned that the presence of these security forces on Campuses is not for free. PTA’s and school principals are being compelled to pay at least the sum of 150,000frans as monthly security fees for two mobile police offices keeping watch on each campus every night.

Last Thursday in Buea, Baretanews reporter witnessed a bitter exchange between one of the commissioners of police and the principal of a popular boarding mission school in Buea. The Principal had resisted paying the monthly 150000frs to the commissioner of police due to the ineffectiveness of the colonial forces in guarding the school. Baretanews reporter overhead the principal frankly telling the commissioner that his boys have been sleeping in the night instead of keeping guard and so she cannot continue to pay that amount. The commissioner however insisted that she must pay, else he will pull out his forces from keeping guard at in the school.

This extortion by the colonial forces is enough proof to conclude that the military may be orchestrating arson in schools in order get more security jobs for themselves. If not, what accounts for the continuous burning of Amazonian schools, especially visibly secured ones, even with the presence of these forces on campuses?

The Southern Cameroons crisis has proven to be a brisk business for both politicians and security forces and we don’t think they may interested in seeing it end so soon. They will continuously create security situations that they can use to make their money from the coffers of colonial Masters.

Baretanews can only advised parents to Continuously keep their children home. No one should be entrusted with the security of their children. Not La Republic forces and certainly not the head teachers or Principals.

By James Agbor

BaretaNews Political Analyst

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