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La Republique du Cameroun Openly Declares War on Ambazonia







La Republique du Cameroun Openly Declares War on Ambazonia

The blood of 9 colonial forces spilled in the last two days, as a result of the self-defense actions carried out by faceless forces, appear to be more expensive in the eyes of the colonial President, Paul Biya, than the blood of over 800 Ambazonians, massacred between September, 22nd and 0ctober, 1st, 2017. The aging President, who was in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, attending the 5th AU-EU summit, returned home yesterday to make some open declarations on National Propaganda television, CRTV, which indicate his readiness to launch a second genocide in Ambazonia.

While speaking during an Airport reception after landing, the frail looking colonialist said; it is now clear that Cameroun is at war with terrorists who are masquerading as secessionists in the North West and South West Regions of his Country. He added that every security measure must be put in place to ensure that peace returns.

BaretaNews takes notice of the fact that the colonial President said nothing about the crises and tension which have been brewing in Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia for the past one year, and equally said nothing about the much recommended dialogue which the international community has repeatedly recommended. This is a clear indication that the old man considers all Ambazonians, whether Federalists or Restorationists as terrorists, and so he cannot negotiate with them. Of course, he values dialogue with real terrorists, Boko Haram, than with Southern Cameroonian slaves. To him, the people should sit quiet and fold their arms as his blood sucking forces spill their blood and that of innocent persons in the streets of Ambazonia.

It is therefore not surprising that his forces killed more than 200 persons, and buried some in mass graves and he said nothing; but is quick to come on tv to declare war on an enemy he cannot see. Or, does the colonial President, Paul Biya, intends to stop the terrorists from dividing his country by killing every Southern Cameroonian/Ambazonian?

If Southern Cameroonians seeking self determination and defending themselves from brutal killings of colonial forces, could be generally termed as terrorists and with a promise to put all necessary security measures, rather than frank dialogue to deal with them to bring peace, then there is no hope for any dialogue in future initiated by Mr. Paul Biya.

He was the one who stood in front of the Elise Palace in Paris to declare war on Boko Haram and later on started paying ransom fees to Boko Haram. Up till date, he is still fighting Boko Haram. Today, he has declared another war on Ambazonia and has labelled all Ambazonians terrorists. Southern Cameroonians/ Ambazonians are NOT terrorists. As a sovereign territory the people equally have the right to SELF-DEFENSE. We just hope, LRC will not be the one to beg for dialogue from these same “terrorists” in the nearest future.

Agbor James, BaretaNews Political Analyst

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