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Of La Republique du Cameroun Carnage in Batibo And the Resilience of Ambazonians and Restoration Forces








La Republique du Cameroun’s Carnage in Batibo Vs the Resilience of Ambazonians and Restoration Forces

In the past Babito Local Government Area and surrounding communities in the Momo County of Ambazonia, have proven to be the new battle grounds between Ambazonia Restoration Fighters and the terrorist forces of the colonial regime of La Reoublique du Cameroun (LRC). As one enters the town of Batibo either from Bamenda or Manyu, the graveyard silence in the town is very visible. The roads are completely void of moving vehicles and Moto Bikes are nowhere to be found, giving that their movements have been banned by a surrogate of the repressive colonial regime, Paul Atanga Nji.

As one moved on the highway within the town, the colonial forces could be seen camping at the Gendarmerie headquarters just beside the road, with some of them standing on the fence and watching the nearby bushes or neighborhoods to prevent any surprised attacks from restoration forces. BaretaNews reporter is told that “this is Batibo, and this is the Gendarmerie post where a mystical unmanned moto bike appeared on the street, and was shot by a gendarmerie officer, but the bullet turned back and wounded him.” “I know such a moto bike could only have been sent from the mystical Guzang village” another person intervened.

The declaration of war by the colonial agent Paul Biya on the people of Ambazonia, was therefore not a joke. From Manyu, to through Kupe Muanenguba to Meme and Presently in Momo counties in Ambazoia, the world has continued to watch in utter silence, the obliteration of villages and communities. The colonial forces see the innocent villages and communities as their punching bags, where they can relief their frustrations from the inability to fight the invisible forces.

The resilience and the determination of the people of Ambazonia and the invisible Restoration forces to free the homeland, has made the colonial agents continuously resort to extra judicial executions of innocent Southern Cameroonians, including persons with known physical and mental disabilities in the communities. The hypocritical world has been watching and has continued to watch helplessly.

Report reaching the political desk of BaretaNews reveal that the population has continued to pull out of the main town of Batibo and surrounding villages, into nearby safer villages, while some others have been running into the bushes to hide from the reckless assault of colonial forces. The people are reported pulling out of Batibo into Mbengwi and other places like Menemo-Bohn ngob. Colonial forces, after meeting their waterloo in one of the villages known as Kuruku, decided to open fire on armless villages hiding in the bushes, killing them. Those that did not die on the spot, were carried in their military trucks, pretending to take them to the hospital, just to throw them into the forest for them to die and rot there. An old woman known as Mama Margaret was reported to have died in one of the bushes where the people are hiding, due to her inability to resist the cold weather.

All these acts of terror have not deterred the Batibo population. The Ghost towns have continued to be respected strictly, despite threats from the colonial governor and the occupier forces of LRC du Cameroon. A recent onslaught by restoration forces on the Ashong Gendarmerie station left four colonial forces dead; a situation that has prompted the colonial military command to dismantle and close down other Gendarmerie stations such as the Pinyin post. The Gendarmerie post at Ewoh-Batibo has also been reported closed down, and everything evacuated by colonial forces. Two days ago, colonial officials, indefinitely closed down the Batibo courthouse and Batibo Council office, citing security threats from restoration forces.

As the days go by, the colonial agents are increasingly coming to reality that the war on Ambazonians declared by their grandfather Paul Biya a very big mistake. The casualties they have suffered from the bravery of Restoration forces are growing, so too is the material losses. They are not wining the war and they are also arming the restoration forces with their confiscated weapons. Frustrations have become their portion. No wonder they now take solace in razing down villages, indiscriminately spraying bullets into homes and killing innocent and armless villages. Since they declared the war on Ambazonia, they must be ready to fight their war as prescribed by international legislations and conventions. After the complete restoration of Ambazonia, these colonialists will have to face another international legal music for all the war crimes committed in Ambazonia, through the burning of villages and extra judicial executions on camera.

James Agbor, BaretaNews Political Analyst

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