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Kupe Muanenguba Forms Defense Force, Promises To Use Bakossi Mystics





A new Defense Force has Emerged, Kupe Muanenguba Defense Force (KMDF) headed by one General Ekane Njume of the Bakossi Land from the twin Lakes of Kipe-M’guba county. General Ekane Njume recently issued a communique warning all SDOs, DOs in Bakossi Land to leave immediately or get it hot from the Bakossi mystics, He also warned all Bakossi sons and daughters serving in La République military to leave immediately . Read his communique below


“URGENT URGENT share until it riches every son and daughter of Kupe Muanenguba

We the Bakossi youths are calling on our brothers in LA Republique military to be ready to come back home by all means after we will declare Bakossi war against LA Republique. As for the SDO and DO and LA Republique solders in our land, Kupe Muanenguba will soon be too hot for you. The earlier you leave the better for there will be no road for u to escape. Our parents have been silent for long waiting for a peaceful resolution. But since it is not coming we are to bring out our broom stick back to life. We are calling on all the Ahons, chiefs, and all herbalists in Bakossi that the time has come when our land must grow. We must have tarred roads linking all sub divisions right up to Buea, Electricity everywhere, and equipped hospitals. We shall soon call for a meeting. Led by General Ekane Njume the son of the only twin lakes Muanenguba Defense Force. In total support of Ambaland after passing through Kumba-Tombel- Bangem road

BaretaNews Comment: The people are taking charge. We cannot stop them

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