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Kumba Denizens Shamed SDO



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Kumba Denizens Shamed SDO.

We all know that Kumba had a new SDO appointed and installed weeks ago to bring Kumba to order. Even after the SDO order warning banks not to respect Ghost towns, Kumba banks and denizens ignored him and observed Ghost towns.

Earlier today BaretaNews correspondent in Kumba informed us of a march past organized by the Colonial SDO and Government delegate to denounce ghost towns and call for school resumption, as criminal as the SDO has become, to show Mr. Biya that he is working, he organized a march past bringing mostly Kumba Council workers. BaretaNews correspondent who was in disguise saw two Hilux trucks transporting Council workers. They marched from Kumba City Council to the SDO office. Shockingly the SDO got gendarmes who changed as civilians to join the march. BaretaNews correspondent just passed through the gendarmes camp at up station opposite the Kumba central prison and he saw the gendarmes as they were changing from their civilian clothes to their official uniforms. They were busy eating and laughing after joining the parade.

We are told in addressing the hired council workers and civilian gendarmes, the SDO made mentioned that he is going to use force to make sure schools resume and that Ghost towns must fail. He says he has firm instructions from Biya that’s why he was appointed. The SDO is failing already.

Meanwhile, BaretaNews correspondent saw how the council workers after the march past were receiving money. Some received 1000, 2000, 5000 according to their category. Others received planet – the new tangui water bottle with juice.

These are the updates from Kumba. The Government delegate who is already on retirement begging for a favour and the new SDO should be aware that the Southern Cameroons people are in charge. School resumption is a forgone conclusion and Ghost town is our new religion. We would defend our land block by block.

We want to thank the people of Kumba for shaming the SDO. If you are from Kumba please continue to send congratulatory messages and remind our people of Ghost towns on Monday. This is not the time to give up.

The presbyterian prayer crusade is now ongoing. Stay tuned with feedback from BaretaNews.

Mark Bareta

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