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Killing of 20-Year-old Student Sparks Controversy In UB



The killing of 20-Year-old Student Sparks Controversy In UB

By Mbah Godlove

There have been fears and consternation among students of the University of Buea (UB) and inhabitants of Buea at large following the killing of a 20-year-old lady by her alleged boyfriend.

Earlier on Wednesday, news broke out about the death of a first-year English Private Law student at the University of Buea.

Information held by popular opinion stipulates that the lady had been sponsored by her alleged boyfriend, a barber by profession. She reportedly telephoned him that she had got a new lover whom she was to marry.

The argument among some UB students has centered around: why young girls of the institution are increasingly becoming targets of such human cruelty.

While some qualify it as money mindedness, others see it as some sort of a cult.

About two months ago, a similar incident saw the gruesome killing of yet another UB girl by his supposed lover.

Public opinion holds that such happenings are gradually becoming a new normal in Buea.

Some girls have contemplated taking to the street to demand justice. They have expressed fear of possible repression from the brutal colonial military of French Cameroun.

Due to the fear of reprisal, others have taken to social media to advocate for change, with inscriptions such as: “Girls’ Lives Matter”.

It is now left on those in relationships to restrain from what could bring forth any such misfortune for a man not to inherently be in evil vis-à-vis their fellow mates.

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