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Kidnapping Not Ambazonia Policy- ADF Defense Chair



Cho Ayaba

By Mbah Godlove

The Ambazonian Defense Council has castigated all acts of kidnapps and ransom taking perpetrated by Restoration fighters irrespective of the motive behind the action.

In a press release signed by ADC’s chairman Benedict Kuah on November 14, he called on all Ambazonian Defense Forces to work in accordance with rules and regulations governing the Organisation.

“I want to emphasize that section 19 of the Ambazonian Defense Forces Code of conduct stipulates; No fighter of the ADF shall engage in rape, extortion, theft of property, torture, or killing of innoncent civilians. Any of these acts shall be punishable. The ADF shall also act as necessary to stop any of these acts that may be carried out by anyone during the liberation struggle and shall hand them over to the established local Ambazonian Civilian Institutions of Justice,” the release read in parts.

While appreciating all efforts made by Ambazonians at home and abroad towards defeating French Cameroun, the chairman entreated them to continue to support the struggle financially and materially inorder to completely crush the enermy that has held the territory captive for nearly 60years.

The statement from ADC comes following complains from Ambazonians in homeland that some fighters have joined the terrorist regime to reign terror on them. Some unidentified men have reportedly kidnapped innoncent citizens for ransoms. It is hoped that Thursday’s words of caution from the ADC’s boss would restore sanity in the struggle for Ambazonia’s decolonisation.

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