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Kah Walla CPP Calls For 20th May Boycott



Information reaching BaretaNews suggest the Cameroon Peoples Party with President Kah Walla has its decision to boycott 20th May celebrations-Cameroun National Day. The press release was issued on Thursday, May 11, 2017.Kah Walla in the Press release noted that there can be no celebration in exclusion, violation of fundamental rights and repression.

The move from the CPP comes after the people of Southern Cameroons through the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium leaders had on January 1st, 2017 called for the boycott of 20th May. The Consortium says 20th May represents a falsehood in the history of both Cameroons as they called for a return of a two-state federation.

It should be noted that the move from CPP is coming few days after the Social Democratic Front (SDF) of Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi and Prince Ekosso USDP party had announced their parties decision to boycott 20th May Celebrations.

The CPP however noted that “The crisis in the North West and South West regions with many arbitrary arrests, brutalities towards the populations, violations of the fundamental rights and freedoms of nearly 5 million citizens and economic losses has added to the feeling of distrust and exclusion felt by many Cameroonians.”

“We cannot,” the statement added, “participate in official festivities when we do not agree with the current management of the Anglophone crisis!” We cannot commune with a government that systematically violates our freedom of assembly and demonstration we cannot show any agreement with a government that does not know dialogue, that continues to refuse essential electoral reforms and which, in a forward flight, drives our country through its governance to a chaotic tomorrow.”

BaretaNews as one of the leading voices of the Southern Cameroons People welcomes this move from the CPP but caution that the boycott of 20th May this year by Southern Cameroons people has got nothing to do with human rights violation,bad governance, electoral fraud etc. It has got only to expose a well-calculated fraud committed against the people of Southern Cameroons and it is the position of Southern Cameroons that 20th May shall never be celebrated in Southern Cameroons again.

Mark Bareta

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