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Justice Will Be Served To Late Tangem’s Family: Barrister Amungwa



Justice Will Be Served To Late Tangem’s Family: Barrister Amungwa

By Mbah Golove

One of the lawyers defending Ambazonia detainees in French Cameroun says lawyers are considering to file in a case on the torture and killing of Thomas Tangem at the Yaounde Central Prison.

The legal mind, in an interview with Equinoxe Television, Thursday August 6 revealed that the 55 year-old took ill over 2 years ago, but was neglected by the colonial regime.

He disclosed that Tangem was abducted in Buea on January 3, 2017, and taken to SED, a dreaded detention facility where he had been inhumanely treated until his demise on August 5.

He would later be conveyed to the Yaounde Central Prison where for over three years, his case never surface in the law court.

After his painful demise 24 hours ago, the defense team of the detained Ambazonians now resolve that justice must be served to the deceased Ambazonian.

As BN had earlier reported, Tangem is one of the many Ambazonians who has been brutally killed by French Cameroun’s prison authorities.

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