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Of Joshua Osih And The SDF-CPDM Concubinage










Joshua Osih, a Presidential Material in a Foreign Country; Who Will Allow Him to be President of La Republique?

One of the fallouts of the unpopular and heavily boycotted SDF convention last week, in the political town of Bamenda, was the emergence of the young hopeful Ambazonian, Joshua Osih, as its presidential candidate for an uncertain presidential election in the months ahead. In a party convention where about 4500 delegates were expected to be present, only a meagre 1164 (26 percent) courageously showed up; while 3336 or 74 percent of delegates could not brave the Ambazonian revolutionary atmosphere in Bamenda. Joshua Osih, therefore worn the support of 88.39 percent of the 1164 delegates present at the convention to clinch the ticket for the Presidential race.

Joshua, is a successful entrepreneur, youth motivator and a privilege Ambazonian slave in the parliament of LRC, representing part of the littoral region under the banner of the SDF party. Considering his antecedence as a youth influencer and motivator, many are the Federalists driven and moderate Ambazonians who have welcomed his emergence with a lot of euphoria and fanfare, as they see him as the messiah who is coming to take the Cameroons out of the present political doldrums and quack mire. If it were in those days when young Ambazonians still paid blind allegiance and unreciprocated patriotism to La Republique du Cameroun (LRC), the whole of Southern Cameroons would have gone crazy with the emergence of Joshua Osih, as a presidential candidate of the once admired SDF party.

Times have change. Events of the last two years have x-rayed to Ambalanders their true identity. They are not citizens of LRC and that’s why hopes of becoming a president in that territory remain fantasies. Before the eyes of the law, Ambazonia Restoration, appear more visible than an Ambazonian sitting as President in Etoudi. Unfortunately, Federalists driven and moderate Ambazonians, have failed to consider the root causes of the present political revolution, the history of electioneering in the Cameroons, institutions and persons in charge, and the political story of Southern Cameroonians who have attempted to become President of the colonial Republic in the past.

Joshua Osih, like Fru Ndi, Justice Ayah Paul and other presidential Ambazonians who have contested the colonial sit of President and have been ridiculed and disgraced are all foreigners in LRC and have no bases on which they want or wanted to become president. If not, Fru Ndi, who has now thrown in the towel would have been President of LRC for at least two mandates.

Has the Beti-Bulu cabal that ridiculed Fru Ndi and Ayah Paul in the last presidential elections when they attempted to hold a joined Press Conference in Yaoundé changed? Did that cabal not asked them to park their belongings out of Yaounde and go back to their country? Was Amadou Ali joking to declare that “Anglophones” and the Bamelikes should forget about the Presidency in the Cameroons? Is Southern Cameroons not still a colony of LRC? or has a Treaty of Union been entered already to give Ambazonians the equal and legitimate right with LRC citizens to rule under the supervision of France? If not, what then makes the euphoric supporters of Joshua Osih and himself to think that France or the Beti-Bulu and Northern Cabals will throw in the towel for him to have a presidential ride to Etoudi?

The political desk of BaretaNews, wants to state categorically that, the emergence of Joshua Osih as presidential candidate of the SDF is a non-event, amidst the present revolutionary atmosphere in Ambazonia. Mr. Osih, is a presidential material, but unfortunately running for a foreign elections in which he is privilege to be a parliamentarian. That the people of LRC allowed him as an “Anglophone” to be a parliamentary representative in their territory is not a guarantee for the presidency. The presidency in LRC is a very deep and bloody game with France as the chief arbiter. In the present political imbroglio, the highest an Ambazonian slave within the political architecture of LRC can be given is the position of a Caretaker President, as they search for an impending missing King, Paul Biya.

Consequently, instead of being euphoric about a fantom possible presidency of Mr. Osih, an Ambazonian in LRC presidential palace under the present political status quo, we humbly advise all Federalists and moderate Ambazonians, celebrating this candidature to concentrate on the revolution and forget about who becomes president of LRC. First of all, there is no guarantee that there will be any elections in Ambazonia. Focus on the drive to get your Federation, by doing those things that will force the colonial president Paul Biya, to the dialogue table. It is only after such a dialogue that your full rights as a citizens of the Cameroons (with the right to be president) shall be engraved through a UNION TREATY between Southern Cameroons and LRC, and deposited at the UN headquarters in New York (if at all the Federation option prevails over the restoration option).

Until then, Ambazonia and Ambazonians remain an occupied territory and people by the colonial regime of LRC. They know this and France knows this too. But, thank God for the revolution, Ambazonia shall be Free from re-colonization and political exclusion and domination.

James Agbor, BaretaNews Political Analyst.

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