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John Mbah Akuroh Calls Boh Herbert Out: You Cannot Legitimise SDF By Supporting Its Convention.










In Response to Boh Herbert (Yindo Toh)

I have read with so much attention your outing, a few minutes back in support of the SDF holding it’s Convention in Bamenda to select candidates for elections which legitimize the tight grip LRC has on our people and territory, yet you are telling our people that you are fighting for the restoration of our independence?

A young medical doctor, Vera Nyoh- bubbling with life, full of ambitions for the future who hired a taxi to rush to PMI to attend to a patient who needed urgent intervention was shot by terrorist forces from Yaounde. The same forces who in a confidential message to hierarchy are recommending the dispatch of security forces to protect the SDF leader and his Convention in total complicity. This tells of collaboration between to entities to crush the poor unsuspecting and mostly unarmed people of Southern Cameroons.

When Comrade Boh Herbert refers to a conscience call I made in an audio as threats, I wonder if he understands what we are actually fighting for. To give the impression that I am against free speech and freedom of assembly, in a context where we are not allowed to meet and talk about our problems is simply preposterous and ridiculous. Apart from the SDF whose Chairman is specialized for a while now in siding with the oppressor (cases of 20th May 2017 and 11th February 2018), when we all consider these feasts as fostering our status in slavery and servitude.

Comrade Boh Herbert, do you recall that the same SDF Chairman fought Barrister Muna’s group from holding their own meeting in Yaounde to the point of sending tugs to cause fighting which ended with the death of a militant in Yaounde? Was that tolerance; or have you forgotten that the SDF actually issued not only threats, it materialized such threats?

I am glad you recall that you were once a close aide to Mr. Fru Ndi; sure you remember how the SDF pronounced boycotts upon boycott, marked by ghost towns which were enforced by threats upon all of us? We respected the SDF calls for boycott and other measures of civil disobedience and so it is only important for the SDF now to respect same calls from other quarters.

You mentioned the moves made by the SDF and it’s Chairman in support of this struggle; how successful have such moves been? If our forefathers never resigned from the Nigerian Parliament to move to Buea, would we have been where we are today talking about Southern Cameroons? Why did you not also come out in the name of freedom of assembly to defend the rights of militants of the CPDM to hold their own meetings? Are SDF militants more humans than those of the CPDM?

I want you to note this; the ery last person I visited before running away from Cameroon was Fru Ndi at his residence in Ntarikon, Bamenda. Take note also, that I was blacklisted in CRTV for years because a lot of us never hid our support for the SDF as a party we believed would in due time fight for the emancipation of Anglophones. For your information, you left Cameroon several years back, but most of us stayed to fight with the SDF. In 2007, I took upon myself to announce the results of the Parliamentary elections in Santa in favour of the SDF at a time all was being done to keep silent so that the CPDM cooks up fake results to its advantage. I was a polling officer for the SDF in 1997 at CETIC Ngoa-Ekelke; the party won at four councils there, what happened?

You must understand that all the approaches taken by the SDF against the Yaounde regime this far have failed. Fru Ndi and his MPs understand this fact and are just now doing politics to stay relevant; we have greater stakes than just these, sir. Many people are dying daily, our economy is being ransacked, our people are being tortured and dispossessed and you afford to talk about freedom of assembly?

With all due respect, Sir, I must confess you either do not understand what we are fighting for, or you are hoping to fall back to a federal system with the same people who have consistently proven to us that we can never be considered human beings. Worse still, you may perhaps not be convinced about this struggle, a thing that could be very regrettable.

How would you expect us to continue appealing to the moral conscience of our oppressor and their accomplices year in, year out? Take it from me, that it is not only naivety to imagine that the SDF Convention could take a position to back restoration, but a ruse meant to deceive the ignorant people who are yet to have a full grasp of what is at stake.

John Mbah Akuroh

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