It is time to take the Ambazonia Issue Into Global Forum-Top US Diplomat Suggests


The top United States diplomat to Africa says perhaps it’s time to take the deadly separatist crisis in Cameroon to an “international forum.”

An exasperated Tibor Nagy told reporters on Tuesday that “my heart breaks for Cameroon … I just don’t understand why this crisis goes on and on and on.”

Some half a million people have been displaced as Cameroon’s government battles an Anglophone separatist movement in the largely French-speaking country. Weary residents in the middle have pleaded for peace.

Nagy, the U.S. assistant secretary of state for Africa, called for “open, unlimited national dialogue.”

Cameroon’s government in a strongly worded statement last week criticized Nagy’s earlier comments on the Anglophone crisis, accusing him of misunderstanding the situation and interfering in the West African country’s internal affairs.

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  1. malis

    March 12, 2019 at 4:10 PM

    That is the least we have been waiting for President Donald Trump government to do.

    Someone has to come out and bring those castrated criminal in Yaounde to their sense, domestication is not enough.
    They just recently learned the phrase “internal affairs”, without any understanding of what it means, they now think they can use it to hide their genocide and ethnic cleansing.

    The whole nation was taken hostage by a single Tribe and they are massacring, plundering, raping the whole nation and its people. Now they are actively committing genocide and ethnic cleansing in Ambazonia so as to steal the land.

    The government of LRC is very barbaric and uncivilized.

  2. Michael Azefor

    March 12, 2019 at 7:18 PM

    La Republique du Cameroun cannot open up dialogue because it has no legal text to defend its oppression of Southern Cameroons since 1961.
    President Biya is waiting for green light from France. France knows it colluded with the UK and the United Nations to prevent the independence process of former British Trusteeship territory of Southern Cameroons.
    The United Nations, its Security Council,its European members the IMF, World Bank Group and the African Union all know why there is a crisis in Southern Cameroons because they all tacitly allow or support France’s assimilation program in Southern Cameroons. Former French Political leaders like Foccart and Mitterand have confirmed this process over and over and France’s Embassy does the oversight monitoring of the progress.

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