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IS BIYA A FOREIGNER? 1 Million CFA For Information



Prince Ekosso is a young politician. He looks and seems serious in whatever he is doing. Seemingly, he has looked into the Cameroon’s constitution and realized that Cameroonians are not allowed to have dual nationality. He also found out that Cameroon constitution doesn’t allow a foreign national to be the President of Cameroon. Prince Ekosso has virtually stated that as others have been claiming that the actual President of Cameroon, Paul Biya possesses at least one foreign passport, making Biya a foreigner. Hence, Biya could be unqualified to preside over Cameroon.

The young and ambitious politician in a rare move have offered the sum of 1 million CFA to anyone who could come out with information to uncover the truth about Biya’s nationality. However, political analyst Callistus Funjong had some advice for him: Hear him:

” It would be advisable for the young politician to get a European based lawyer. The lawyer in question will handle the issue and the information on Biya’s dual/triple nationality will be known. If it turns out that Biya has a foreign passport, then it means Biya is automatically unqualified to stand for election in 2018. It also means that Biya had been ruling Cameroon illegally. It means a foreigner has been ruling Cameroon for the past 34 years. In this case, Biya should be arrested immediately and made to pay for all the crimes he has committed not just as a President, but as a foreigner ruling Cameroon…”

Callistus went on to challenge the opposition as being an accomplice to Biya. He said ” Most Cameroonians have been suspicious about Biya’s nationality. Strange enough, no political party has ever brought this up. Any political party that is serious about gaining power, would cease this as an opportunity to put Biya out of power. They would do everything to know the truth about this rumour, hoping that it’s true. The failure by the opposition to dig deep into this just goes to tell how Cameroon opposition is cpdm-friendly.”

Biya has never ever declared his assets as required by the constitution. Again, the President has never ever been pressed by the opposition to declare his assets as required by the constitution. Cameroon opposition has been an accomplice to Biya’s mischievous deeds, making all of them anti-people. These politicians are selfish…Callistus concluded.


BaretaNews, however, thinks that trying to ascertain if Biya has a double nationality is not really a priority. It is obvious that he has it as well as most of his ministers. Cameroonians should focus more on stopping him in 2018 by forming a formidable civil society now, the opposition should be talking to each other and building strategies to stop him, that should start now. Wasting resources to find out the other nationalities of Biya is a waste and has no end point. Such resources should be diverted home on how to craft out a political opposition union.

God is still saying something.

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