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Interim Government Spokesman Declares: Negotiation Is The Only Option, Dialogue Wrong Word








Dialogue, No longer an Option in this Revolution; We need Negotiation.

The Secretary of State for Communications for the Interim Government of Ambazonia, Comrade Chris Anu, today declared through a Facebook post that DIALOGUE is NOLONGER an option in this revolution to free the homeland. The word now is NEGOTIATION. Chris Anu’s declaration came after a crisis meeting reportedly held at the American Embassy in Yaoundé, La Republique du Cameroon (LRC), at the behest of the US Ambassador to LRC, Peter Henry Barlerin.

Though BaretaNews did not immediately lay hands on the actual agenda of the meeting, it is evidently clear that the meeting was prompted by the mayhem currently being executed in Ambazonia by the terrorist soldiers of LRC, under the instructions of the blood sucker President, Paul Biya. BaretaNews is told that the meeting had in attendance; representatives of civil society organizations, members of the clergy, political leaders, human rights organizations and a representative of the colonial government.

Part of a statement released by one of the attendees, Barister Nkongho Felix Agbor-Bala, former President of the Consortium and President of the Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa, read as follows;

“I stressed that the failure to fulfil the promises made at the conference is an enormous cause for today’s crisis, including important social exclusion, social and economic injustice, the structurally divided society and Political discrimination.To Restore Peace and calm tensions, Mancho Bibixy, Terence Penn Khan and others to be tried before military courts should be released. Ayuk Tabe Julius and 47 others arrested in Nigeria and repatriated to Cameroon should have access to their lawyers and offer amnesty to participate in the peace-building dialogue.A process of inclusive, reconciliation and cooperative dialogue should be undertaken with neutral parties to ensure compliance with the resolutions.Ending the conflict through dialogue will accelerate disarmament, return of refugees and displaced persons. It is time to put a definitive end to the murders on both sides of the violence and suffering of the innocent civilian population.”

BaretaNews totally and completely align with the declaration made by Comrade Chris Anu, on the need for NEGOGIATIONS, as the position of the Interim Government now and NOT DIALOGUE anymore. The word Dialogue (as an avenue to continuously live together with the colonialists muderers) has expired in the dictionary of Ambazonians at this point in time. It is not today that the people started begging for dialogue with the oppressive regime in Yaounde. For 54 years, Southern Cameroonians begged for dialogue to no avail. For two years now, Ambazonians of ALL AGES BEGGED FOR DIALOGUE ON THE STREETS WITH PEACE PLANTS IN THEIR HANDS. BUT WHAT THEY GOT IN RETURN WERE BULLETS AND BRIMESTONES FROM THE SLAVE-BOYS OF A DEMONIC BEING CALLED PAUL BIYA. The next thing that followed was the declaration of current war on a people begging to be heard through dialogue and the international kidnap of leaders simply leading a movement, asking for genuine and sincere dialogue on the outstanding root causes of the conflict.

Ambazonians have already paid the prize for the dialogue with their blood and dialogue is over with LRC. It will be an ABOMINATION ON THE BLOOD OF AMBAZONIAN FALLEN HEROS for the people of Southern Cameroons to go dialoguing to stay with agents of genocide, murderers, rapists and annihilators.

How does the world expect Southern Cameroonians to continuously stay with and be govern by those who burned down their own laboriously constructed houses/villages, sent them on exile, some to refugee camps and others in the bushes? How does the world expect Southern Cameroonians to dialogue and continuously stay with, and be govern by those who call them dogs, enemies in the house, second class citizens and all sorts of derogatory names? How does the world expect Ambazonians to dialogue and continuously stay with, and be govern by those who consider them as rats that deserved to be “raticide” every time they agitate for justice? How does the world expect Ambalanders to continuously stay with, and be govern by those who will always shed Amba blood as a price for anything they request from government, even though it is duly theirs?

Dialogue with the colonialist Paul Biya and his cohorts, is no longer feasible. As it stands, even the Pope and the Vatican cannot reconcile the two nations. Southern Cameroons and its people have learned a biter lesson from the mistakes of their political ancestors and so cannot afford to ever make such an error. NEGOTIATION TOWARDS AMICABLE SEPARATION TERMS IS WHAT AMBAZONIANS ARE ASKING FOR NOW AND NOT DIALOGUE TOWARDS RECONCILIATION. If not, the independent people of Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia should be provided the opportunity to individually decide their destinies, so that history individually holds them accountable for their decisions.

A husband and a wife dialogue after a fight to stay together as a legally married couple, but they NEGOTIATE to amicably share properties and go their separate ways when the marriage is irredeemable. This is especially so, if such a marriage has been an illegality in the face of the law. Did Ambazonia aka Southern Cameroons first of all have any legal marriage with colonial LRC? Why should a “come we stay baby” be forcing herself to dialogue with a fake and arrogant man, who knows nothing but rape, intimidation and subjugation, when she has all what it takes to live her independent life free from a killer and illegal husband, who is not even willing to go into a legal marriage?


James Agbor,
Political Analyst, BaretaNews

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