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Intense Clashes Leave Two Colonial Soldiers Dead In Batibo



Intense Clashes Leave Two Colonial Soldiers Dead In Batibo

By Mbah Godlove

At least two French Cameroun Forces have been killed around Batibo, Momo County of Ambazonia’s Northern Zone.

Prior to a disbanded colonial celebration of May 20 in Ambazonia, Ambazonia Forces mounted barricades on the Bamenda-Enugu Trans-African Highway.

French Cameroun’s forces met their waterloo this Friday, May 21 when they tried to dismantle the blockades.

During an open confrontation with Ambazonia Fighters, at least two of the unruly regime soldiers were killed with several others injured, BaretaNews has learned.

Uncertainty has for over 24 hours surrounded the stretch of road as several passengers got stocked in Batibo this Friday May 21, owing to the barricades.

Sources say Restoration Fighters did not open the road for the passengers due to fear of exposing them to danger, as colonial forces were firing gunshots nearby.

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