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Independence restoration declaration is done. Enforcement must begin now!



Interim Government of Buea




Independence restoration declaration is done. Enforcement must begin now!

Yes we did it, in spite of the manslaughter by the oppressor and the aloofness of the international community. The aftermath of any declaration is the beginning of what proves whether the declaration was anything serious or farce. The way forward is full of different kinds of feelings. Anger and vengeance are the most popular as I write. If you asked: “What would you like to do right now after all that happened on October 1st?” Many Ambazonians would answer: “We want to avenge the killings of our citizens, inflict pain on the oppressor and if possible annex La Republique du Cameroun and enslave them for the next 56years.” Yes that is the honest feeling many have in mind now, like it or not. Well, if wishes were horses, beggars would ride, they say.

These are not the right feelings to begin new nation building with. Two wrongs don’t make a right. We are peace-loving people. No violence. We have the force of argument. It is an ordained struggle. God is in control. The people of God suffered in the same way in the desert with their leader. The international community is watching us. R.I.P to our fallen heroes. Media outlets are talking about us. Let us tweet and retweet. Let’s make videos, print flyers, T-shirts, etc. Biya must go. We need to storm the headquarters of this or that institution and so on and so forth. That’s who we Ambazonians were until October 1st.

Bittersweet celebrations of the unforgettable independence restoration declaration day are fast fading out and giving way to numerous questions with the most popular one being SO WHAT NEXT? This question is one that precedes a long list of others: – Is La Republique du Cameroun out of our territory? – Has La Republique invited The Governing Council for dialogue? – Does The Governing Council now have Ambazonian institutions on the territory serving citizens of Ambazonia so that they can abandon the oppressor’s institutions? Are there any members of The Governing Council now operating on the territory of Southern Cameroons? Have any countries around the world officially recognized The Republic of Ambazonia? Have any international organizations officially admitted The Republic of Ambazonia as member? Will new nation building begin only after the oppressor has been finally chased out or while the fight to chase them out continues? When do the basic tools for sovereign statehood like Identity Cards, passports, stamps, etc. get operational? These do not constitute even a tenth of all the questions people have in mind now and no super magician can get satisfactory answers to all the questions.
However, the people of Ambazonia want to see something more functional and tangible that follows flag hoisting, speech making and press releases.

For so many lives and property lost, so much insults, humiliation and mockery endured, so much money, time and efforts spent, so much passion, optimism and determination invested in the buildup to the October 1st independence restoration declaration, the least we expect is to have our leaders on the ground with us carrying out soothing actions and galvanizing the few heroes left. For even as we speak, if the oppressor suddenly left overnight, we wouldn’t have leaders on the ground to take over the land we call ours. Anarchy would set in. Leaders of Ambazonia should never be like the tyrant that hides in a hotel room in a distant land to remote control the motherland. Come home Ambazonians!

If in the hours, days, weeks or months ahead, firm leadership is not actively present on the territory of Ambazonia to steer the country forward here is what we risk having: A state of anarchy, hopelessness, a new oppressor and worse still untold daily suffering in the hands of our enemy still fully stationed and operating on the territory. This is how precarious the current situation of The Republic of Ambazonia looks.
If we really did restore our statehood, henceforth we have to move on from street protests to ground action, drop fantasies and face realities on the ground. I would rather belong to a small free underdeveloped village called Ambazonia, fully governed by Ambazonians than belong to a fantasy 13-county Ambazonia partially governed by the regime that has enslaved me for over half a century.

As demanding as this may sound, The Governing Council more than ever needs to step up action on the ground with immediate effect. Every time a member of The Governing Council is interviewed there is always the use of this sentence “There is a lot going on behind the scenes.” This one recurrent sentence has kept millions of Southern Cameroonians in hope to see something soon on the scene. The longer things continue to go on behind the scenes while the audiences watch an empty stage, the higher the expectations but also the more doubts people begin to have.

Passion and despair live in the same vicinity it is often said. One can easily find the other. May new nation building goals rekindle new passion in every son and daughter of The Republic of Ambazonia.

Ndoh Emmanuel

BaretaNews Contributor

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