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IG Employs International Community To Take Quick Action In Ambazonia



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IG Employs International Community To Take Quick Action In Ambazonia

By Mbah Godlove

Following recent barbaric activities meted out on Ambazonians by the terrorist forces of La Republique du Cameroun, the Vice President of the Interim Government (IG-CARE) has entreated the International Community to rescue the suffering population of Southern Cameroons. In a release signed on January 18, Dabney Jerima detailed French Cameroun’s atrocities across three counties in Ambazonia.

In Kupe Manenguba county according to the communique, a contingent of the French Cameroun colonial military raided Bangem and other neighboring villages, killing dozens of innocent Ambazonian citizens.

“So far, 12 villages in this locality have been looted and burned. The village of Babubock has been completely destroyed,” the release added.

Mr. Yerima also painted a picture of Bali LGA in Mezam county were videos of the brutal occupational forces burning down houses flooded the social media on January 17.

“Many inhabitants of Bali, rendered homeless by this senseless attacks, have sought shelter in nearby forests,” he revealed.

Meantime, Bui county was yet another area whose locals suffered fatalities from the frustrated Biya army.

“Entire communities have been under violent siege by French Cameroun soldiers for several days”.

Mindful of the oppression Ambazonians have been subjected to since dictator Paul Biya declared war on them in 2017, the IG’s Vice President has beckoned on USA, EU, and the UN to intervene and free the suffering Ambazonian people.

It is worth noting that over 300 villages have been torched with at least 15.000 people killed by the brutal forces of French Cameroun.

Despite several limitations involved in providing humanitarian aids to nearly a million internally and externally displace Ambazonians, Vice President Yerima pledged the IG will continue reaching out to the people each time the means arises.

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